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Disc Golf Bulk Putter 10-Pack includes 10 P Model S in Base Grip or 10 P Model US in BaseGrip plastic. Disc Golf Bulk Putter 10-Pack will all be the same color and within the same weight range of 173-176. BaseGrip plastic is a base plastic that offers a solid stiffness and good grip. Though it is considered to be a base plastic, it is considered to be more durable than most other baseline plastics from other brands. It also has a glow variation.

The P Model S is a putt & approach disc the provides a straight flight path with a subtle fade at the end. Capable of handling power, its high glide, and its stability; this makes this disc great as a putter or an approach disc.

The P Model US is an easy to throw dependable disc. It provides a lot of glide with a little turn mid-flight and an equal amount of fade at the end. Providing a straight flight path, which is excellent for approach shots or putting. With a non-beaded, smooth rim this will fit comfortably into anyone’s hand.

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P Model S, P Model US


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