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Divergent Discs 2-Disc Set features the Kraken, Divergent’s fairway driver, and the Narwhal, Divergent’s putt and approach disc. The Kraken is a beginner friendly fairway driver, that is not too fast nor flippy for starting disc golfers. The Narwhal a reliable putt and approach disc that feels great in the hands. The Divergent Discs 2-Disc Set is made perfect for beginners and it has good glide without an exaggerated fade at the end of flight. Enjoy the grippy yet durable plastic and have fun getting to know the game of disc golf!
PLEASE NOTE: the color of the disc and stamp color may vary from the picture. Also, some disc sets may have the Divergent Discs Logo stamp while others may have the Kraken or Narwhal stamp.

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