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Discraft Machete

Green Machete

The Machete will slice through the wind and carry you onto victory. This is a thin disc with a medium thickness rim. The Machete is overstable and will hold the perfect hyzer lines and power it’s way through any headwind. The Machete will surprise you with the speed and ease of distance this disc comes equipped with! Discraft gives this disc a stability rating of 2.2

Shop for a Machete Here

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Discraft Crank SS

Red CrankSS

The Crank SS is designed to give disc golfers who don’t have a lot of power in their shots more distance. More experienced disc golfers will find that the Crank SS flips up easily on the difficult hyzer releases. Discraft gives the Crank SS a stability rating of .7

Shop for an Crank SS Here

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Discmania Tiger Warrior

Blue Tiger Warrior

The Discmania Active Tiger Warrior is a low speed, neutral flying, all purpose putter disc.

Shop for a Warrior Here

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Discmania P3x

Yellow P3x

The P3x is a flat, overstable, beaded putter. In the hand, it feels pretty similar to an Aviar3 with a bead. This putt/approach mold is great for shorter wind penetrating shots. Try a P3x if you want to see your upshot have a consistent fading finish.

Shop for a P3x Here

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Discmania P3

Red P3

The P3 is a very overstable putter in the Discmania line. This disc has been described as a cross between a putter and a mid-range. The P3 excels as a driving putter and has more distance potential than the traditional putter disc. Since this is an overstable disc, the P3 performs pretty well in windy conditions. It can also be a good putter for those players that like the fade-in approach. The P3 is available in soft P-Line as well as durable Jolley Launcher C-Line plastic.

Shop for a P3 Here

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Discmania P2

White P2

The P2 is a straight flying, but slightly overstable putter made by Discmania. This disc comes equipped with enough stability that it can handle headwind shots and fairly long approach shots. This putter was designed specifically with pro players in mind, but can be a useful addition for disc golfers of all skill levels. The P2-Psycho is available in the inexpensive D-Line plastic, the mid grade P-Line plastic, as well as the high quality, and ultra durable S-Line. The feel of the P-Line plastic is probably the most popular, as it feels similar to the JK Aviar plastic. Discmania claims that it gets better over time, making the P-Line arguably the most economical choice for P2-Psycho plastics.

Shop for a P2 Here

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Discmania P1X

Red P1X

The Discmania P1X is an ultra straight flying putter disc that comes equipped with a bead. This putter is designed with a unique round nose that gives it the perfect feel in your hand, that will help you make more putts.

Shop for a P1X Here

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Discmania P1

Yellow P1

For a truly straight flying putter, it doesn’t get much better than the Discmania P1 – Maniac. This disc has turn and fade ratings at 0, which makes this a great straight line approach disc and chain rattling putter. The P1 is available in the mid grade P-Line and premium S-Line plastics. Both these plastics offer excellent feel and control.

Shop for a P1 Here

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Discmania Link

Red Link

The Discmania Link is the third disc released in Dismania’s Evolution line manufactured by Latitude 64, and the first putter. The Link is a neutral flying putter that is good for putting inside the circle and approach shots.

Shop for a Link Here

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Discmania Spring Ox

Blue Ox

The Discmania Active Line Spring Ox is a stable mid-range designed for precision control shots.

Shop for a Spring Ox Here