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Innova Pig

Orange Pig No ratings yet.

This overstable putter has a big thick Thumtrac Rim. This a slow overstable disc that hardly glides. The Pig is a great choice for hyzer putts and for throwing into headwinds. Be wary it may like to roll around in the mud.

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Innova Pig

Pig Quick Stats

  • Disc Width: 21.2cm (97.87% of average, 99.80% average Putter)
  • Disc Height: 2.1cm (104.63% of average, 99.51% average Putter)
  • Interior Rim Height: 1.4cm (118.95% of average, 96.14% average Putter)
  • Rim Width: 1.4cm (95.70% of average, 141.47% average Putter)
  • Available Weights (Pro): 150-175g

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