Remix Eldritch – Disc Golf Putter

Remix Eldritch Disc Golf Putter


The Remix Eldritch putter is a remarkable addition to the disc golfer’s toolkit, offering a neutral flight profile that excels in both putting and straight flying approaches. With a Speed rating of 3, Glide of 3, Turn of 0, and Fade of 1, the Eldritch boasts a balanced set of attributes that make it a versatile choice for various disc golf situations. What makes it particularly intriguing is the element of mystery in its color options. Available in a wide variety of assorted colors, including limited run transitional colors on occasion, the Eldritch adds an exciting dimension of surprise to your disc selection.

Constructed from premium sport plastic, the Remix Eldritch combines enhanced durability with a spectrum of captivating colors. Sport plastic is renowned for its unique ability to strike a perfect equilibrium between grip, performance, and toughness, making it an excellent choice when longevity is a priority. Whether you prefer a transparent, opaque, or metallic appearance, sport plastic offers a diverse range of finishes to cater to your personal taste and style.

The Remix Eldritch putter is designed with inclusivity in mind, catering to disc golfers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a newcomer looking to refine your putting technique or a seasoned expert in need of a reliable straight-flying putter, the Eldritch fits the bill. Its neutral flight characteristics make it adaptable and dependable for both beginners and experienced players alike.

Furthermore, the Remix Eldritch carries the prestigious approval of the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA). This endorsement signifies that it meets the strict standards set by the PDGA, making it a legal choice for use in all sanctioned professional disc golf tournaments. So, if you’re a competitive player aiming to perform at the highest level, the Eldritch is a trustworthy choice that can deliver consistent performance.

In summary, the Remix Eldritch is more than just a putter; it’s a meticulously crafted, PDGA-approved disc that offers durability, versatility, and an element of surprise with its assorted colors. Whether you’re seeking to elevate your putting game, add a dependable straight-flying putter to your collection, or compete at the professional level, the Eldritch is a comprehensive choice that checks all the boxes and promises to enhance your disc golf experience.


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