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Streamline Stabilizer

Blue Stabilizer

The Stabilizer is an overstable putter from Streamline Discs. The Stabilizer feels similar in the hand to a Pilot, but has more of a pointed rim that adds to the discs stability. This disc will fly straight with little turn, and finishes with a strong fade.

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Streamline Pilot

Pink Pilot

The Streamline Pilot is the first single mold putter manufactured by MVP Disc Sports. This medium depth small bead putter disc comes equipped with a comfortable round nose. This putter may be a slow flyer but makes up for it with its very straight flight and the fact that it glides well. The flight of the Pilot is described to be similar to that of a beat in MVP Anode.

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Streamline Runaway

Orange Runway

Streamline’s first mid-range is the Runway, releasing in Neutron Plastic. The Runway is an overstable mid-range that can take powerful shots with accuracy. In heavy winds, this mid-range will hold straight lines and ends its flight with a strong finishing fade. Power throwers will find that no anhyzer is to much for the Runway to overcome. The Runway offers more glide than the MVP Deflector due to its less aggressive fade at the end of it’s flight. Debuting with Streamline’s stock triple-foil stamp and premium Neutron plastic, the Runway will keep its stability while it gradually breaks in to a becoming a trusted stable mid-range round after round.

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Streamline Drift

Altitude Discs

The Drift is the third disc introduced into the Streamline lineup. This fairway driver is very controllable and is usable by players of all skill levels. Newer players will find that the Drift provides laser straight lines that end with a gentle fade. Experienced players will love using the Streamline Drift for those difficult straight line hyzer flip shots and long anhyzer anhyzer shots. Streamline discs are single mold discs manufactured by MVP Disc Sports.

Shop for a Drift Here

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Streamline Trace

White Trace

The Streamline Trace is a thin rimmed disc golf driver that is very easy to control. The Trace is the first single mold disc manufactured by the MVP manufacturing facility. This stable driver has an excellent glide and comes with a consistent end of flight fade.

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Streamline Lift

Blue Lift

The Lift is a straight to understable distance driver. It’s the perfect disc for newer players, or any experienced players who just want to navigate through the woods or throw hyzerflips that give some great distance!

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Streamline Flare

Peach Flare

The Streamline Flare is the first of the 19mm (speed 9) class from Axiom Discs. This is an overstable distance driver that should have a place inside any players bag! It will fight the wind and fade in hard, every time. This is a perfect choice for forehand, or backhand players.

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