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Skyquest Chainzilla

Blue Chainzilla

The Chainzilla is Skyquests putter. This ultra grippy disc has a large bead and boasts an engraven image of the Chainzilla Dragon. The unique feel of this deep rim putter disc may aide you in your quest to conquer and slay those chains.

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Skyquest Lucky 13

Pink Lucky13

The Lucky 13 is arguably one of the most understable drivers on the market. Upon release the disc sharply turns into an anhyzer angle,  it then sails far with that flight angle, and gradually fades back to the ground shortly thereafter. After a bit of fine tuning in your throw, this is a great proves to be a great choice for practiced disc golfers who want some easy distance. For players with a strong snap, this disc will just be too understable.

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Skyquest Medusa

White Medusa

The Medusa by Skyquest is a long distance disc with a perfect mix of speed, glide, turn and fade. This disc is fast! It maintains its speed courtesy thanks to it’s thin and thick rim The flight rating for the Medusa is 11/5/-2/2. Unlike the L13, which shows its understability from launch, the Medusa gently turns, maintains a straight flight line, and then gently fades into it’s landing destination.

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