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Axiom Pyro

White Pyro

This disc is sure to light a fire under your opponets. Light a fire this season with Axiom Prism Pyro. The Pyro is an overstable mid that will hold the hyzer line. You may get some straight flight out of this disc before it fades, but it will always come back.

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Axiom Wrath

Black and Pink Wrath

The Axiom Wrath (not to be confused with Wraith) is a straight-stable 20mm distanced driver. It is slightly less stable than the MVP Tesla, and is available in many more color options than the aforementioned disc. The Wrath is a solid disc for both backhand and forehand drives.This disc makes gives all of your opponents some wrath as you use this disc against them!

Shop for a Wrath Here

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Axiom Virus

Orange Virus

The Axiom Virus is an understable 20mm fairway driver. This is the least stable of the 2cm drivers in both the Axiom and MVP lines. The Virus is described as a “worn in MVP Impulse.” This driver will provide some good distance for those disc golfers who throw with low to average arm speed. Power throwers will find the Virus is useful for tailwind shots, rollers, and long anhyzer shots. This disc has be

Shop for a Virus Here

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Axiom Insanity

Brown Insanity

The Insanity is Axiom’s first distance/fairway driver with a 20mm rim width. This disc is slightly less stable than the ultra popular MVP Inertia. If you’re looking for a straight flying GYRO driver with loads of attractive color options, you might as well try Insanity. Trust me all the color load outs you can get will make your opponents insane about this cool disc!

Shop for an Insanity Here

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Axiom Vanish

Red Vanish

The Vanish is a straight to understable disc depending on the thrower and wind conditions. The Vanish’s stability profile places it near a threshold of being straight when thrown at low power or in tailwinds, and controllably understable at higher power or in mild headwinds. As a 21.5mm class GYRO™ driver, the Vanish is designed to hit a midpoint of stability between two MVP Disc Sports models, the Wave and Orbital.

Shop for a Vanish Here

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Axiom Thrill

Black and Pink Thrill

This disc truly is a Thrill to throw on the golf course. The Thrill is a 21.5mm distance driver. It is an excellent overstable work-horse of a disc. It will hold up in any head wind and will hold a hyzer line for big and small arms alike. The Thrill is meant to fill the gap between both the Phase and the Photon discs.

Shop for a Thrill Here

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Axiom Tenacity

Red Tenacity

The Tenacity is Axiom Discs understable bomber in the 23mm class drivers. Axiom describes the Tenacity as “sneaky long”, and it comes equipped with an understable flight path. This disc is a step more understable than the Mayhem.

Shop for a Tenacity Here

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Axiom Tantrum

Purple Tantrum

Don’t worry this disc is only called the Tantrum because of the losers of the games played with this disc. The Tantrum is the first in Axiom’s 24.5mm class distance drivers. This thicker rimmed disc will soar out of your hand for maximum distance. The Tantrum is stable to straight, perfect for long S-turning lines that will still fade. Even at lower arm speeds this disc will stay straight and get you to the basket. The Tantrum is described as a longer Defy.

Shop for a Tantrum Here

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Axiom Panic

Orange Panic

This disc is sure to cause a Panic at any disc golf game! The Panic is a thoroughly overstable, which helps the thrower to have confidence when throwing it into roaring headwinds. For power throwers, the Panic will be a useful utility driver, while newer and average throwers will find this disc gives an extremely and almost instantaneous fade. The Panic is best described as a seasoned MVP Nitro.

Shop for a Panic Here

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Axiom Mayhem

Red Mayhem

The Mayhem has a responsive straight-to-stable flight path, with plenty of speed, meaning this disc proves to be an excellent staple driver for many intermediate to expert throwers. Like the MVP 23mm class, the Mayhem has a pronounced dome to promote a distance-covering glide. It is the first of the 23mm class discs for Axiom.

Shop for a Mayhem Here