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AquaFlight Peace Frog

Green Peace Frog

The Peace Frog is a controllable stable putter from Aquaflight’s lineup. With a bit of fade at the end, you can putt or approach quite comfortably with this AquaFlight disc. When thrown with a little power the disc will make a b-line for the chains. This is another putter that floats in water, so it can be easily recovered from the water!

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AquaFlight Dragonfly

Orange Dragonfly

The Dragonfly is an understable mid-range disc from Aquaflight. You can trust this disc to get down narrow fairways with finesse and it works great for flip shots down the fairway. The Dragonfly also floats, now you can throw near water with confidence!

This frisbee is really fun to throw.

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AquaFlight Swift

Pink Swift

The Swift is the perfect, controllable driver for those with lower arm speed! It will help you achieve the maximum distance and that S-Flight path that you’ve always been hunting for. This PDGA approved driver also floats in water, so you needn’t worry about getting a disc lost in a river or body of water!

This disc is currently out of stock.

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AquaFlight Pelican

Purple Pelican

The Pelican is an understable fairway driver, perfect for anhyzer shots, or if thrown with less power, straight shots up the fairway! This workable disc should be a staple for new players and players with less power. Plus, it floats in water, so you can golf with confidence in courses that are around water.

Shop for a Pelican Here

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AquaFlight Osprey

Pink Osprey

The Osprey is an overstable distance driver. This is the disc to use when throwing headwind shots, or when you’re in need of a big fade at the end of your shots. This PDGA approved disc also floats in water, so there is no need to fear when playing around water!

Shop for an Osprey Here