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What is the Story Behind DGA Midnight Flyer Discs?

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Every so often, DGA Disc golf releases a disc golf disc called the Midnight Flyer Disc. To me, that disc seemed quite boring, it’s just a glow in the dark disc on it with a boring stamp of a number on it. But it actually has a pretty cool history in terms of disc golf, so now I can see why it has a history and why you should care.

The Original Glow in the Dark Disc

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In the nocturnal realms of disc golf, one series stands out for its luminous legacy—the DGA Midnight Flyer series. Born in July 1978, the Night Flyer marked a significant milestone as the first disc explicitly crafted for disc golf by the Disc Golf Association (DGA). Priced at a modest $5 or $6, this glow-in-the-dark wonder utilized the Wham-O 40 mold.

Originally envisioned as a quartet, the Night Flyer’s popularity prompted the DGA to expand its horizons, transforming it into an eight-disc set. However, the Night Flyer’s trajectory took an unexpected turn with a trademark dispute, leading to its untimely discontinuation after approximately 1,000 discs.

From the ashes of the Night Flyer rose the Midnight Flyer in 1979. This successor boasted an enhanced phosphorescent glow, reaching 40–45%, a significant leap from its predecessor’s 18%. Crafted in various molds by both Wham-O and DGA, each adorned with identical hot stamps, the Midnight Flyer began to carve its own luminescent path in the disc golf cosmos.

August 1979 witnessed the introduction of the trademark band, adding a distinctive touch to the Midnight Flyer lineage. The series embraced evolution, incorporating diverse molds, hot stamp colors, and in 1981, the introduction of colored glow plastic, featuring captivating hues like pink and green.

As the years unfolded, the Midnight Flyer series continued its evolution, welcoming the player line below the number, a spectrum of colored glow plastic options, and additional designs like the iconic “DGA Approved” graphic. The series expanded its horizons further with the introduction of the Midnight Flyer mini and the Pocket Pro marker discs.

The modern era of the DGA Midnight Flyer series, celebrating its 35th anniversary, witnessed a limited run of 1,000 Squalls with #1, paving the way for subsequent numbers in the following years. The Split band trademark remained a consistent symbol of this luminary series.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, the Midnight Flyer etched its name in disc golf history. Three world distance records bear witness to its prowess, while it played a prominent role in the 1979 Wham-O $50,000 disc golf tournament.

In the realm of disc golf, the DGA Midnight Flyer series remains a radiant beacon, illuminating the journey of the sport through its innovative designs, pioneering glow-in-the-dark features, and historical significance. As the Midnight Flyer continues to soar, its glow transcends time, captivating both enthusiasts and newcomers alike with its timeless radiance.

Source: Flying Disc Museum

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What is Remix Disc Golf?

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Remix Disc Golf is a subsidiary of MVP Disc Sports and operates as a disc golf company. It specializes in manufacturing low-cost single mold discs that are primarily sold on Recently, these discs have received approval from the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA), indicating their adherence to the required standards for competitive play. It is highly probable that the molds used by Remix Disc Golf are the same ones employed by other disc golf manufacturers such as Thoughtspace Athletics and Mint Discs.

We’ve tested out their molds, and are pretty impressed. Especially with the prices! Here’s a rundown of the best Remix Disc Golf Discs.

Remix Battleship:

The Remix Battleship is a reliable and stable mid-range disc.
It’s perfect for players looking for consistency and control in their approach and mid-range shots.
The Battleship is a trustworthy companion for pinpoint accuracy on the course.

Remix Behemoth:

The Remix Behemoth lives up to its name as a distance driver built for power throwers.
It offers impressive speed and stability, delivering the distance you crave while maintaining control.
This disc is perfect for players looking to crush long drives with confidence.

Remix Eldritch:

The Remix Eldritch stands out as one of the best approach discs available.
It boasts a user-friendly design with a shallow rim for comfortable handling.
Eldritch’s consistent fade ensures precise finishes on your shots, making it an essential tool for mastering the short game.

Remix Goliath:

The Remix Goliath is a stable distance driver designed for controlled power shots.
It provides excellent distance potential while remaining consistent and reliable.
With the Goliath, you can confidently tackle a wide range of fairway drives with precision.

Remix Haymaker:

The Haymaker is a highly overstable fairway driver, drawing parallels to the stability of flat-top Firebird or TSA Omen.
With its pronounced overstable characteristics, the Haymaker is tailored for players who require a disc capable of handling strong winds and delivering reliable fade on their shots, much like the renowned Firebird and Omen discs.

Remix Juggernaut:

The Remix Juggernaut is a distance driver built for maximum power and distance potential.
It’s designed to handle high-speed throws while maintaining stability and control.
The Juggernaut is a disc that can truly unleash your power off the tee.

Remix Ronin:

The Remix Ronin is a reliable fairway driver known for its straight flight path and dependable fade.
It excels in accuracy and control, making it a popular choice for navigating tight fairways and tricky approaches.
The Ronin is a trustworthy companion for shaping shots precisely.

Remix Rumble:

The Remix Rumble is a putter known for its predictable flight and comfortable grip.
It’s an excellent choice for short-range accuracy, both off the tee and around the basket.
The Rumble helps you maintain control in critical scoring situations.
Remix Spartan:

Remix Spartan

The Remix Spartan is a favorite driver among players for its effortless distance potential.
It’s designed to provide easy distance with a combination of speed and glide.
The Spartan’s ability to harness power and maintain accuracy makes it a preferred choice for long-distance drives.

Remix Torpedo:

The Torpedo is a midrange disc known for its stable flight characteristics, akin to the flight patterns of the Discraft Buzzz or Thoughtspace Pathfinder.
It offers a reliable and consistent performance, making it an excellent choice for players seeking a midrange disc that behaves similarly to these well-established favorites.

Remix Troll:

The Remix Troll is a versatile mid-range disc known for its balanced flight characteristics.
It offers exceptional control, making it an ideal choice for players of all skill levels.
The Troll’s ability to hold straight lines and handle gentle hyzer or anhyzer angles makes it a valuable addition to any disc golfer’s bag.

Remix Disc Golf offers a diverse lineup of discs designed to meet the needs of disc golfers at all skill levels. From the versatile “Troll” and user-friendly “Eldritch” to the powerful “Behemoth” and dependable “Ronin,” the Remix Disc Golf collection covers a wide range of throwing styles and preferences. Whether you’re seeking control, distance, or precision, you’ll find a disc that fits the bill. With options like the “Haymaker” for finesse and the “Spartan” for power, these discs cater to various playing techniques.

Explore the Remix Disc Golf lineup and elevate your game with discs engineered to deliver performance and reliability on the disc golf course.

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