Divergent Discs Max Performance 3-Disc Golf Starter Set


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The Max Performance Starter Set by Divergent Discs features three discs that will stand out on the disc golf course, providing a combination of easy-to-throw designs and a high level of dependability. Included in the set are the Nuno putter, the Kapre midrange, and the Basilisk distance driver, all of which have minimal end-fade for good, straight flight paths. They come in Divergent Disc's Max Grip plastic blend which combines better durability than almost all basic starter sets on the market with a grippy plastic feel for better control. Test out your disc golf abilities with this high performance set. The discs in this set are going through the PDGA approval process. NOTE: Disc and stamp colors can vary from the photos. Also disc weights can vary but are generally in the most popular range of 160 grams – 175 grams.

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