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Viking Discs Axe

Blue Axe

The Viking Axe is a mid-range disc, but with a slow glidey flight like a putter. The Axe has a slight dome and a stable flight with a fading finish. This is an excellent precision disc for those times when you need an accurate placement.

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Viking Discs Cosmos

White Cosmos

The Viking Cosmos is described as a point and shoot fairway driver. This is a straight flying driver that is great for beginners and works great for tight courses where you need to hit the tiny gaps.

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Viking Discs Barbarian

Blue Barbarian

The Barbarian fills the Viking Discs slot of stable fairway driver. The Barbarian flies straight and true, before it reliably fades at the end of it’s flight. Use this trustworthy disc in either wooded and open courses!

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Viking Disc Valhalla

White Valhalla

The Valhalla is a Stable Distance Driver. It has a great mix of glide and stability so this disc will hold up on powerful shots. This disc has been described as “effortless to point, shoot and fade”. Get extra distance with less effort by throwing a Viking Disc Valhalla.

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Viking discs Thunder God Thor

Blue Thor

The Viking Thunder God Thor is a very fast distance driver with an ultra wide rim. This is a driver that you can trust to fade out at the end of the discs flight, even if it is released at an anhyzer angle. Advanced players looking for maximum distance will want to try out throwing the Thunder God Thor.

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Viking Discs Ragnarok

Green Ragnarok

The Viking Ragnarok is a fast driver with a very manageable rim size. This disc is designed to be a long fairway driver that will provide with S-curve flights and fading finishes. Depending upon your release angle, the Ragnarok can be useful in various different gameplay situations.

Shop for a Ragnarok Here

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Viking Discs Berserker

White Berserker

The Viking Discs Berserker is an understable driver that is an excellent choice for beginners looking for more distance. The Berserker works well for Hyzer flip shots and can help you to improve your throwing technique.

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