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Best Disc Golf Towels

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Best Disc Golf Towels

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Here are my picks for the best disc golf towels:

  • Towch Disc Golf Towel
  • Innova DewFly Microsuede Disc Golf Towel
  • DGA Disc Dri Golf Towel
  • Frogger Golf Wet and Dry Amphibian Golf Towel

Let’s take a look at these picks in greater detail:

Towch Disc Golf Towel

Best Disc Golf Towels

The towch may seem like an odd name but it’s a great concept. Not only is it a towel but its also a pouch. Thus the name, Towch. Brilliant, right?

The outside of the towch is smooth and made of high strength cotton while the inside is still cotton but coarse and better for whipping your discs.

It’s perfectly designed by placing your disc inside and drying it off with ease. If you need to pick up a muddy disc and don’t want to get your hands dirty, reach for the towch.

It’s reversible so your hand can touch the smooth fabric that usually on the outside while the disc can touch the fabric on the inside. Once you have the disc, you can just reverse it back and clean it off.

Finally, the towch can be used for extra disc storage. It comes with two carabiners that you can clip to your belt or bag.

Because it’s shaped like a pouch, it works great holding a few discs. Also, if you just want to play a round with a couple of discs grab the towch and leave your bag at home.  

If you are looking for a quality disc golf towel, the Towch is a great option. It comes in a ton of colors and doubles as extra disc storage. Pick one up today!

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Innova DewFly Microsuede Disc Golf Towel

Best Disc Golf Towels

If you are looking for a quality towel to dry your discs off than the Innova DewFly Towel, might be the towel for you.

It’s from one of the biggest names in Disc Golf, Innova, so you know its a great product.

This towel is super absorbent so it will pick up any water that is clinging to your discs or hands.

In disc golf, grip is really important so having a towel like this to keep things dry is great. 

It made of shammy type material so no only is it very absorpt, it also wicks moisture off really well.

That and it has a cling-free texture so you won’t have to take time out of your disc golf round to pick dirt and debris from your towel.

It comes in a great size, 17” x 16.5” and offers plenty of colors to choose from. Plus, it has a loop attached to it so it can hook to a bag strap. 

Get this great towel made by Innova. It’s the answer to all your disc drying needs.  

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DGA Disc Dri Golf Towel

Here’s another great disc golf towel. This towel is a great pick if you are looking for something smaller than the two towels I’ve mentioned so far. 

It’s compact and lightweight. It measures 12” x 16” so it’s perfect if you want to keep it in your pocket for easy access.

You could also keep it in your bag or even use the clasp to attach it to your bag strap. 

It’s made of highly absorbent material so it will pick up any moisture off your discs.

Once the towel is wet it’s pretty easy to wring out and get back to dry again. It’s even machine washable. 

If you want a quality towel to take out on the disc golf course, that this towel by DGA is a great choice.

It’s perfect for keeping your gear dry and removing any sweet from your hands. It’s a quality, convenient option. Grab one now.     

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Frogger Golf Wet and Dry Amphibian Golf Towel

You may have already noticed something about this pick. That’s right, it’s not technically a disc golf towel.

It’s marketed as a golf towel but it works great for disc golfers too.

With the Frogger Golf towel, you are getting two towels for the price of one. One side (outer or inner, you choose) is meant to stay dry while the other is meant to stay wet.

So you can clean your discs with one side and dry them with the other. Worried about the wet side soaking through to the dry side?

Don’t be, there is a protective barrier that waterproof so this can’t happen.
It’s made with quality materials so you know it will last.

It’s super absorbent and quite effective for cleaning and drying all your disc golf gear. Don’t let the fact that this towel is made for golf scare you.

It’s a great option for anyone that loves the disc version of a great sport. Snag one today and give it a try.

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Why Do You Need A Disc Golf Towel?

If you really aren’t convinced why you need a good disc golf towel for your bag, let’s take a look at why they are so great and what the benefits are of getting one.

After reading this, you’ll be sure to put one or maybe two in your disc golf bag.

Cleaning Your Discs

Disc golf is played in the great outdoors. This is great. We all need more excuses to get outside and get some fresh air.

A drawback to this is you and your gear can get dirty. Your discs are constantly landing on the ground. They are exposed to dirt, leaves, grass and other debris through the normal round of disc golf.

If you want to play your best, you’ll need a towel to clean them off. 

Drying Your Discs

Not only do you need a towel to clean your discs, but you’ll also need them for drying purposes. Disc golf can get wet.

We’ve all played a few rounds in the rain and if you haven’t, you’ve at least play after a fresh rain on a wet course. You’ll need a towel to dry off your discs.

Even if you stay way from disc golf when there is rain evolved, there are always sweaty hands and water hazards to get your discs all wet.  

Improve Your Grip

How you grip your disc is the start of how you are going to release it. If you don’t have a nice firm grip on the disc this can create a lot of problems, like releasing the disc too early or late.

Another thing having a good grip will ensure is your release point. Your grip is crucial for this.

Keeping your disc and hands dry and clean with a quality towel will go a long way to improve your grip on the disc.  

Great Practice Drill

You may not know this but you don’t need a disc and a basket to practice disc golf. You can get in a good practice session with just a towel.

That’s right, all you need is a towel to start improving your disc golf game. Once you’ve got a towel, you need to hold it in front of you like you would when you are throwing a disc.

Bring the towel back, like you would reach back during a drive, and pull it forward and follow through.

If you hear the snap of the towel, you know you are in good shape. This helps you practice accelerating the disc through your shot.

If you set need help with this drill, check out this great video.

Final Thoughts 

Having a towel can seriously help your disc golf game. This may sound crazy but it’s really true.

While playing a normal round of disc golf you are going to run into water, dirt and other things that you will need to whip from your hands and discs.

You’ll need a towel clean and dry your hands. This will ensure that you can grip your disc well and throw properly.

Trust me, adding one of these best disc golf towels in your disc golf bag or keeping one in your pocket will go along way to make sure you are playing your best.   

Flicker Image Creative Commons Credit – Michel Curi

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