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Best Permanent Disc Golf Baskets

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So if you are in the market for a disc golf basket but don’t want to bother with lugging a portable one around your yard, grab one of these great permanent options.

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Best Permanent Disc Golf Baskets

Here are my picks for the best permanent disc golf baskets:

  • Prodigy T2 Permanent Course Basket
  • Latitude 64 Golf Discs ProBasket
  • Dynamic Discs Patriot Basket
  • Innova Discatcher Permanent Basket

Let’s check out my picks in more detail:

Prodigy T2 Disc Golf Basket

Best Permanent Disc Golf Baskets








The T2 is hands down the best value in disc golf for a fully durable permanent course basket.

This is a big, heavy basket that features both permanent and portable base options. Not only is this basket built to last, but it is arguably the best catching target in disc golf.

The Prodigy T2 features 16 outer chains and 8 inner hot dipped galvanized chains that are wound together with cross chains. This creates a “strike zone” where it’s almost impossible for good putts to blow through.

The T2 is rated by the PDGA for Championship level play, which means that this basket can even be used for the highest level professional tournaments. This target weights 58 pounds and features a weather resistant, powder coated finish. 

The combination of low price and exceptional quality make this my number one recommendation for course and course quality portable baskets. It is also available in 4 attractive color configurations. In the portable format, the T2 base includes dual wheels making it easy to haul around.

The Prodigy T2 is an excellent choice whether you’re looking to install a complete disc golf course, a single permanent basket in you yard, or are just looking for a course quality portable basket. 

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Latitude 64 Golf Discs ProBasket

Best Permanent Disc Golf Baskets

If you are looking for a permanent basket for your yard, then this one made by Latitude 64 is a great option. This offers the catching superiority of a permanent basket but at a price just slightly more than a portable disc golf basket.

The ProBasket has 26 galvanized chains, 13 inner and 13 outer, with yellow finish around the top and basket. The basket looks great and will keep looking great for a long time.

Now the ProBasket isn’t as heavy or as durable as many of the other course baskets available. It also has not been around for as long and hasn’t stood the test of time like the original Innova and DGA baskets. If you putt hard with lots of spin, you might also be unsatisfied with how well it catches.

It’s approved by the PDGA for Championship level play so it’s great if you want to make your own course but still a great option for your yard. It comes with a ground sleeve, locking collar and padlock. This basket weighs 57lbs.  

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Dynamic Discs Patriot Basket

If your main goal is low price, then the DD Patriot Basket is the way to go. Let’s be real, many small municipalities have strict budgets and when it comes to investing in a disc golf course, the lowest price is going to be the accounting departments approval decision.

For any lover of Dynamic Discs, the Patriot basket is the perfect choice for a permanent basket. It’s a 26 chain basket. This basket has 13 inner and 13 outer galvanized chains and is made with superior quality. The Patriot is very similar to the Lat 64 Pro Basket, and is likely manufactured using the same specs and at the same facility.

The top and bottom of the basket are painted white with the Patriot wording on the top. The top of the basket is 2 inches tall and includes a deflector band. You won’t have a problem with seeing this basket from far away.

Again, it includes a ground sleeve, locking collar and padlock. It’s approved by the PDGA for high-level play so you know it’s a great option if cost and budget is your primary buying factor, then go with the Patriot .

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Innova Discatcher Permanent Basket

One of the best options for a permanent basket is the discatcher. Innova boasts that their product is installed on more disc golf courses in the world than any other brand. If this doesn’t say something about the quality of this basket, I don’t know what will.

The DisCatcher has heavy chains and is the preferred choice for spin putters who putt hard. This basket creates very few chain outs, but occasionally a high straight putt that hits the pole will bounce back out.

It’s made with galvanized steel so you know it will last and has 24 chains along the basket. The yellow color really pops and won’t fade after many years because of the protective coat that comes on the basket.

It weighs 80lbs and is approved for PDGA play. It has a lockable sleeve that allows for moving the basket to another hole placement that includes a locking tab. A great option for your home or if you are planning to create your own course.

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Why Choose A Permanent Basket Over A Portable Version?

Most disc golf basket options on the market today are portable. They don’t require any tricky installation process and can be moved around.

Moving the basket can allow for different practice shots and you don’t have to worry able mowing around them. Plus, the portable disc golf baskets seem to be cheaper.

With all that said, why would you pick a permanent basket?

I think permanent baskets are great for two reasons. One is the quality of the product. While permanent baskets are more expensive than their portable counterparts, they are also higher quality and made to last.

While you could buy multiple portable baskets for the price of a permanent one, you’ll need those baskets over a lifetime because they won’t last as long.

Permanent baskets are designed, well to be permanent meaning they will last a long time on the course and in your yard.  

Another reason to pick one is simplicity. With a permanet basket, you can simply walk out your door and into your yard and begin throwing discs at the basket.

There is no need to lug a portable basket out of your garage and move it around your yard. Permant baskets give you more time and energy to focus on practice and improving your disc golf game.

Installing A Permanent Disc Golf Basket

Installing a basket in your yard might sound like an impossible task but really it’s not.

Each model listed here will come with their own set of instructions. I’ll link the one for the discatcher here that is available on the Innova website.

In the simplest terms, you will need to dig a hole that’s large and deep enough to accept the basket pole and supporting concrete. Then insert the pole and pour concrete around it.

Here’s a video I found that shows the entire process:

Final Thoughts

Deciding on a permanent disc golf basket for your yard can be a tough decision. Heck, deciding on going with a permanet option can be equally hard.

But, I hope this article has given you all the information you need and has made your choice a lot easier. Just think, once the basket is bought and installed, it will be so easy to practice your putting every day.

A putting practice round will be as simple as carrying a couple putters out the door and walking to your freshly installed basket.

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