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How To Break Your Own Disc Golf Distance Record

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Would you like to throw a disc golf driver really far?

I’m not talking about far enough to reach a disc golf basket from the tee. I’m talking world record-breaking distances.

Well, maybe not world record breaking distances but at least personal record-breaking distances.

If this sounds like a fun experiment keep reading because I’m about to outline 6 steps you’ll need to take to reach super far distances with your favorite driver.

And maybe, just maybe you’ll break a record or two.

Let’s get into it.  

Use the right disc

For this max distance technique, we’re going to use more understable distances drivers. These discs will work perfect for the amount of power we’re going to throw to reach such a long distance.

They will also allow us to flip the disc and ride the wind to fly far.

Leave your stable to overstable distances drivers at home. On the course, they give us the consistency we need but when throwing really far distances they aren’t what we need.

If you are looking for a great understable distance driver check out our article here on the best options.

If you use a lot of max weight discs, you want something lighter for this endeavor. The two past distance recorder holders used blizzard bosses to reach the distance.

Check out the Blizzard Boss on Amazon.

So you are going to want to use a similar plastic when going big. Something like Innova’s Blizzard plastic, Latitude 64’s opto air or Discraft Z lite would work well for reaching the horizon.   

Use the right drive

For a monster drive like we’re trying to reach, we’re going to be using the backhand technique. To help add more power and distance, I recommend using the 360 backhand drive.

If you are unfamiliar with this method, you are adding a full 360-degree spin to your run-up to help generate more power and speed before your release.  This will take some getting used to and I recommend getting the form down before you go out to a field and try to break your distance record.

Here is a great slow motion video of one of the past disc golf world record distance holders, Simon Lizotte perform a 360 drive. 

Use the right release

We’re looking to throw the disc high and with some hyzer. If the wind is blowing right, it should flip your disc and carry it super far.

You reach back is probably going to be different than you are used to throwing. In case case you are reaching back at a downward angle and releasing above your shoulder.

If you need a benchmark, trying reaching back toward your hip and reaching up in a straight line.

This make take some time and practice throws to get the perfect release for your power and body type. Keep at it.

It will all be worth it to watch your disc soar through the air and toward the horizon.

Use the wind correctly

When trying to achieve your maximum disc drive, you’ll need to use the wind correctly. This may be one of those rare occasions in disc golf that the wind could be consider your friend.

We’re looking for the wind to carry our discs further, not blow them off course. In this case, since we are throwing backhanded, we are looking for the wind to be blowing over our non-dominant shoulder.  

So for a right-handed player, the wind should be blowing left to right.

The perfect speed for maximum distance seems to be from 15 to 20 miles an hour. This is the perfect speed to carry your disc correctly.

If are you trying to go for a personal maximum distance drive you’ll want to avoid a direct tailwind or headwind.

A tail wind will tend to push your disc down and prevent it from going as far as it should. A headwind will push your disc too high.

While the wind can be your friend, in these two cases it won’t be. Be sure to position yourself in a way that you can maximum the winds affect on your disc and carry it as far as possible.

Think of it like teaming up with nature.   

Have the right attitude

Don’t let it get to you when you don’t hit the right line all the time. This is a numbers game and you aren’t going to release the disc right every time.

Remember, this is supposed to be a fun experiment.

As disc golfers we have it in our head that consistency is the most important thing and usually that’s case but when it comes reaching larger distances with a disc, we’re sacrificing power for consistency and accuracy.  

Keep throwing over and over again and eventually you’ll get there. Enjoy watching the disc fly when everything goes right and grab another disc and go again when it doesn’t.

Pick the right location

Finding the perfect location for this challenge might be the most difficult step in this process especially if you live in a metropolitan area.

Ideally, you’ll want an open field or area that’s clear of any obstacles that could stop the disc prematurely.

Also, you don’t want to run the risk of hitting someone’s car or home.

The perfect spot would be clear for 500 feet or more from the area you play to launch the disc. You’ll want 360 degree of open area because you’ll need to match adjustments to the direction you are throwing based on how the wind is blowing.

You may also want to bring a group of people to help retrieve your discs, keep an eye on where you discs lands and hep you measure the distances you’ve thrown.

Final thoughts

What are you waiting for? Grab a bunch of buddies and a couple of understable light weight distance drivers and go do something amazing.

You may not break any world records but I promise you’ll have a great time. Happy driving!  

Flickr Creative Commons Credit – Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows

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