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How To Throw A Hyzer Flip

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Learn How To Throw A Hyzer Flip! Check This Out!

So you’re new to disc golf and have heard of a shot called the hyzer flip but you aren’t sure what it is? Or maybe you have a good idea about what a hyzer flip is but you aren’t sure how to throw it? If you fit into one of these scenarios, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to talk about how to throw a hyzer flip.

We’ll also go over some tips for improving the hyzer flip and how to select a disc for this shot. Hopefully, by the time you’ve read this article, you’ll have a great disc golf throw in your arsenal. Let’s get into it.

How To Throw A Hyzer Flip











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What Is A Hyzer Flip?

The hyzer flip is a great way to get an understable disc to fly straight. It works by releasing an understable disc on a hyzer angle with a lot of force. When done right the disc will turn right (for a right-handed player) and flip to flat. The disc should continue flying parallel to the ground in a very straight flight path. It’s a great alternative to throwing a stable disc with a flat release and works well for low tunnel shots or other situations that require a straight flight path.

What Is Hyzer?

So the Hyzer part of the hyzer flip is the way the disc is released but what exactly does Hyzer mean? In disc golf, when we say, Hyzer, we mean releasing the disc on an angle with the side of the disc that is opposite your hand is tilted down. So for a hyzer release during a backhanded throw by a right-handed player the left side of the disc is tilted downward.  

What Is Understable?

The flip part of the hyzer flip refers to throwing an understable disc and getting it to flip over. You may have heard players talking about throwing a flippy disc. When they use this term they referring to an understable disc. Flippy meaning that the disc is easy to flip or turn over.

If you are unsure if a disc is understable or not, a great way to tell is by the turn rating. In the flight rating system, there are 4 numbers and 3rd number in the sequence is the turn rating. This number measures the tendency of the disc to turn left or right when leaving a players hand. A disc is considered understable if it has a turn rating between -1 and -4.  

Putting It All Together

So to throw a hyzer flip you’ll need to select an understable disc, usually a driver. You’ll use your normal driving motion but you’ll need to make sure you release the disc with a hyzer angle. The amount of hyzer you put on the disc will be a judgment call you’ll have to make and you’ll get better at making this call with practice.

You’ll want to make sure you release the disc with enough force to get it to hyzer up and flip to flat. You’ll also want to make sure you aren’t releasing the disc too high or with the noise up. When done correctly the disc should flip to flat and fly straight. You may also see the disc flip to flat, then turn over a little bit and come back. Think of a tighter S-cure.    

Hyzer Flip Tips

The Hyzer flip can be a tough shot to develop and be consistent with but it’s worth learning. There are a lot of moving parts and specific steps to get right in order to be successful. Use this tips to iron out your hyzer flip:

  • Use an understable disc
  • Release at a Hyzer Angle
  • Focus on releasing the disc with a forceful snap
  • Keep the nose down
  • Release the disc low

The Best Type Of Discs For Hyzer Flips

As we’ve already touched on, you’ll want to use an understable disc when attempting a hyzer flip. A driver is preferred but it’s also possible to hyzer flip a midrange or putter, it just has more force. A new disc that has a negative turn rating works great for a hyzer flip. You can also use an older beat-in disc that you know is flippy.

Check out this article I wrote on the best hyzer flip discs.

When To Use The Hyzer Flip

We’re already talked about using the hyzer flip for tunnel shots but this is a great shot to use in the woods or to hit a specific gap. The main thing you will need to think about when trying to make a judgment on if a hyzer flip will work for you is the distance it takes the disc to flip to flat. If you are staring down a tunnel or a close group of tree you’ll need to make sure you have enough distance for the disc to hyzer to flat before it would come in contact with an obstacle.

A situation you probably wouldn’t want to use a Hyzer flip is an open field. You will probably be better off not putting some much snap on an understable disc to get it hyzer flat and use another shot where less force is required.

The Hyzer Flip In Action

Check out this video to see disc golf pro, Eric Oakley perform a hyzer flip. He gives his own tips and disc recommendations.

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