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Kestrel Putter/Approach Disc

Kestrel Outdoors Disc Golf Putter 3/5 (1)

The Kestrel Putter/Approach Disc is a lid style frisbee designed for disc golf. This putter has a completely flat top and a flat blunt rim. It also features thumb grip grooves on the top of the flight plate for increased control, especially in inclement weather. While this disc feels similar to a traditional frisbee, it is substantially more overstable and demonstrates a flight path with a slight fading finish more similar to most disc golf discs.

As a low speed, low glide disc, the Kestrel putter does not go fast nor very far so is excellent for approach shots where you don’t want to stray too far from the basket. The mold used for the Kestrel Putt and Approach disc is the same one used for the Yikun Talon Claws. This putter is PDGA approved for tournament play.

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