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Halex Driver

Halex Golf Disc 160 Gram Driver 1/5 (1)

The Halex Driver is possibly the most understable disc golf driver on the market. While this disc doesn’t have official flight ratings, in fact the only information about it is that it is 160g, this disc will experience “high speed turn” for low power shots of less than 100 feet. If you try to throw it with full power it will flip all the way upside down. At medium speed it will turn into a roller, but usually doesn’t roll very far before falling upside down.

If this disc had flight ratings they would be something like 6/4/-10/1. This disc is even too understable for beginners and would only be useful for young children and brand new players with very limited arm speed that are looking for a disc that will turn right with a right hand backhand throw.

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