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Remix Disc Golf’s Secret Source – MVP Disc Sports

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In this video, Bodanza disc golf reveals the secret source of where Remix Disc Golf discs come from. He proves that Remix Discs are manufactured by MVP Disc Sports located in Marlette Michigan, but it’s as if they are trying to hide this fact. Bodanza goes over different theories of why MVP’s secret brand exists. As an Amazon seller, Bodanza knows that after all the fees, MVP isn’t really making any money by selling these discs.

He has a few different theories.

Theory 1: MVP owns all of the disc golf molds that are used by Thought Space Athletics and Mint Discs but they overproduced and them and so need some kind of outlet in which to liquidate surplus inventory. Thus the discs are the same molds, just rebranded. IE.

*Note we don’t know if these discs are actually the same molds, we are just speculating that they could be based on similar flight numbers. 

Theory 2: The Remix Discs were disc golf molds that weren’t good enough for MVP, Streamline, Mint or TSA. Rather than just scrap them, they resell some slight variants of the molds on Amazon.

Regardless of the truth of why MVP has a hidden disc golf brand called Remix, you cannot beat the price of Remix discs, especially with the free shipping. While some of them have been sold on Amazon for years, Remix discs were just PDGA approved on March 27th, 2023. Now that they are PDGA approved, there is no excuse to not try these cheap but quality disc golf discs.

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