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Best Disc Golf Discs For Intermediate Players

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I’ll tell you my top picks for these best disc golf discs for intermediate players but I’ll also go into some great alternatives.

Best Disc Golf Discs For Intermediate Players

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Here are my top picks for the best disc golf discs for intermediate players:

  • Innova Krait
  • Dynamic Discs Felon
  • Discraft Buzzz OS
  • Discmania P2

Best Disc Golf Discs For Intermediate Players (Stable Distance Driver)

As an intermediate player, it’s time to step up your long-distance game. You may already have an understable distance driver in your bag.

Now that your arm speed has improved, you may notice these discs turning over more often for you.

Which is great for longer rollers and turn over shots but when you need a long straight flight or something with more control, you’re going to want to pick up a stable distance driver. 

What Can You Use This Disc For?

Players can use a stable distance driver for a lot of things. The main role this type of disc can play in your bag is your go-to distance driver.

This is the disc you are most comfortable throwing long distances and the disc you’ll reach for most often off the tee.

Stable Distance Drivers also work great for archiving a long straight flight path. So if you are looking for a disc to fly a long way and mostly straight, you can’t go wrong with this type of disc.

For instance, if you find yourself staring down a long tunnel shot off the tee, there really is no better disc to grab from your bag.

Finally, you are going to want a Stabe Distance driver for its controllability. What I mean by this is, the disc will fly the way you throw it.

It’s basically as point and shoot as you can get in disc golf. If you put it on a hyzer, it’s going to ride the hyzer line.

And if you throw it on an anhyzer, it will ride the anhyzer angle out as well.     

Innova Krait – Speed: 11 Glide: 5 Turn: -1 Fade: 2

Best Disc Golf Discs For Intermediate Players

My top pick for the best stable distance driver for an intermediate player is the Innova Krait.

Innova created a great stable driver with this disc. It’s a straight flyer with a high amount of glide.

You can describe the flight pattern of this disc as very straight with a touch of fade.

It works great for intermediate and advanced players alike.

So if you are looking for a solid point and shoot driver that will go right where you throw it, then consider the Krait.

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Best Disc Golf Discs For Intermediate Players (Overstable Fairway Driver)

Now that your disc golf game has improved, its time to add some more fairway drivers to your bag.

While that understable fairway driver you got from that starter set is still great, you need more options.

It’s time to get a beefier fairway driver. That’s right, you’re going to need an overstable driver in your bag.

Now, I’m not saying you are going to need this disc on every drive or even on most drives but it’s going to come in handy a lot on the course.  

What Can You Use This Disc For?

You can use an overstable fairway driver in a lot of different situations on the course. But the first kind of shot that comes to mind is for hyzer throws.

As a right-handed player, do really need your disc to finish left? Reach for this type of disc and it’s almost guaranteed.

To go along with that hyzer shot, another use for an overstable fairway disc a spike hyzer. 

Another great time to pick up an overstable fairway driver, it when the wind picks up.

Need a disc that will fight the wind off the tee box, grab one of these discs. In high winds, discs tend to flight more unstable and turn more out of your hand.

A great way to combat this is to use an overstable disc.

Not only do overstable fairway discs excel at hyzer shots and on windy days, but they also work well for sidearm throwers.

So, if you are looking to throw a forehand drive selecting an overstable fairway driver is the way to go.

Why should you pick this type of disc? When throwing a disc with the sidearm technique, you usually put less spin on the disc than when throwing it with the bank hand technique.

The spin of the disc helps keep the disc in the air and flying on a stable path. To combat this loss of spin it is recommended to throw more overstable discs. 

Lastly, this disc will excel at overhand drives. So, if you need to throw a tomahawk or thumber for any kind of distance, grab an overstable fairway driver.

Why does this type of disc work so well for overhand shots? 

Drivers in this speed range work well because they take longer to complete the corkscrew flight rotate that a thumber throw has and they do it more predictably.

Because the disc stays longer in the air, more distance is archived.

Dynamic Discs Felon – Speed: 9 Glide: 3 Turn: 0.5 Fade: 4

Best Disc Golf Discs For Intermediate Players

My top pick for the best overstable fairway driver for an intermediate player is the Dynamic Discs Felon.

Dynamic Discs has really put out a great overstable fairway driver with the felon.

This disc will cut through the wind with ease. Trust me, you don’t have to worry about this thing turning over.

Throw this disc if you need something to finish hyzer.

It’s a great choice for side shots, forehands, flex shots and overhand drives. It does it all. Get a Felon for your bag now!

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Best Disc Golf Discs For Intermediate Players (Overstable Midrange)

Having more options is a great way to improve your game. When deciding which throw to go with, having more choices is going to lead to a higher success rate.

As an intermediate player looking to add more discs to your bag, another great option is an overstable midrange disc.

Sure, you are still going to keep those midrange discs in your bag with lower stability but adding an overstable midrange disc is going to open up more shots and flight patterns at different distances.

What Can You Use This Disc For?

The ideal type of throw for this type of disc is a medium distance hyzer shot.

If you need your disc to finish left at a midrange distance, this is the perfect disc for that.

Another great throw to use an overstable midrange is a shorter distance spike hyzer.

If you need the disc to fly over an obstacle and lay right next to the basket without rolling away, pull one of these out of your bag.

You gotta trust me on this.

If you are looking for a midrange disc to perform well for you in the wind, an overstable one is great for this. You can really trust this disc in the wind.

If you throw it flight without any angle on it, it’s going to fight the wind and land where you need it to. No more skipping windy days with this bad boy.

I like this disc for forehands too. If I need a shorter distance flick, I’m going to reach for an overstable midrange disc to get the job done.

When I need the disc to finish right and skip up close to the basket at a close range, this is my go-to disc for that.

I like this disc for any intermediate player that throws a lot of short to midrange sidearm throws.

Believe me, overstable midrange discs do so well for forehand shots.   

Discraft Buzzz OS – Speed: 5 Glide: 4 Turn: 0  Fade: 3

My top pick for the best overstable midrange for an intermediate player is the Discraft Buzzz OS.

We all know the popular midrange disc made by Discraft. The Buzzz OS is the more overstable version of the Buzzz.

If you enjoy the Buzzz but are looking for something more overstable, you’ll really like this disc.

You can trust it in the wind. You can be confident it will always hyzer out of you.

It’s a great option for throwing sidearm too. I can’t say enough good things about the Buzzz OS. Grab one now! 

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Throwing Putter

If you haven’t considered throwing a putter, you really should.

They are great for short drives and perfect for when you want the disc to land next to the basket and not skip away. 

And as an intermediate disc golf player, you will need to learn the art of throwing a putter.

It’s really one of the best ways to achieve a slow-flying straight shot in disc golf. It’s also a lot of fun.

Trust me, if you are looking to expand your disc selection you are going to want to add at least one throwing putter to your bag. 

What Can You Use This Disc For?

You should really try using a putter off the tee.

If you need a disc for a short drive, especially if it’s a rather straight shot, you really need to grab this disc for your bag.

Putters work great for driving on shorter disc golf holes.

Of course, this depends on the player, but a hole that is 250 feet or shorter could be considered a good option for using a putter.

Some more great options for your throwing putter are approach shots.

If you want a controllable disc that won’t skip away from the basket, use this disc.

Carry a separate disc for this will also ensure that your main putter won’t get any unnecessary scratches or dings in it.

You want that softer putter plastic to hold up and keep a straight flight.

So use a throwing putter for those upshots instead and keep your main putter in your bag longer.     

Discmania P2 – Speed: 2 Glide: 3 Turn: 0 Fade: 1

My top pick for the best Best Throwing Putter for an intermediate player is the Discmania P2.

This Discmania putter has a nice straight flight and is quite stable.

It can handle the power you’ll put on it off the tee and will stay on course in the wind.

Discmania says they designed this putter for professional disc golfers specifically but it works great for recreational players too.

Pick up a P2 and try throwing it right away.

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