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Best Understable Putters

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If you are looking to expand your disc golf bag, adding a great understable putter is a no brainer. You can use them in a ton of situations on the disc golf course. As an approach disc, they work really well. Need to bend a disc around a tree and get it to land next to the basket? Reach for an understable putter. Are you looking for a disc you can use for straight short drives? Maybe you want the disc to turn slowly to the right and not travel too far past the basket? You are going to want an excellent understable putter for that. So if you are looking to buy this type of disc, you are in the right place. In this article, we’re going to go over the best understable putters 2023 in disc golf.

Best Understable Putters

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Here are my picks for the best understable putters:

  • Discraft Putt’r
  • Dynamic Discs Gavel
  • Gateway Magic
  • Innova Wedge
  • Latitude 64 Ruby

Let’s Take a look at these picks in greater detail:

Best Understable Putters (Discraft Putt’r – Speed: 2 Glide: 3 Turn: -2 Fade: 1)

Best Understable Putters

The best understable Discraft putter is the Putt’r. This tall putter is slightly understable and works great for approach shots and putts.

If you need a putter that you can trust to turnover, the putt’r is the perfect option. Use it when putting with the wind at your back or if you need to put your putter on an anhyzer line and bend it around an obstacle.

So if you need an understable putter chose this excellent putter Discraft has designed. Pick up a Putt’r right now!

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Best Understable Putters (Dynamic Discs Gavel – Speed: 3 Glide: 5 Turn: -2 Fade: 0.5)

Best Understable Putters

The Gavel is a great putter in its own right and a good choice for any new player. This Dynamic Discs putter has an understable flight which will make it easy to throw.

The disc has a lot of glide for such a slow disc and will carry it all the way to the chains. This disc has a similar shape and feels like the popular Dynamic Discs, Judge.  

If you are looking for a great putter, you simply can’t go wrong with the Gavel.

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Best Understable Putters (Gateway Magic – Speed: 2 Glide: 3 Turn: -1 Fade: 0)

Gateway is known for producing some great putters and the Magic is right up there with their best. It’s an excellent undersable putter.

It’s the perfect option for a new player but works for anyone looking for a understable putter. You can pull it out when you need to throw a straight shot through a tunnel. It’s super easy to throw and won’t fade out.

Lot’s of players will find this is the perfect disc for short hyzer flip shots or when they need a disc to slowly turn over. It really does everything you’d need an understable putter to do.

Grab the gateway magic now and you won’t be sorry. 

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Innova Wedge – Speed: 3.5 Glide: 3 Turn: -3 Fade: 1

Technically, the Wedge is in between a midrange disc and a putter but I hope you won’t’ be throw off by the technicality. This is a great disc.

It’s a very understable putter and you’ll be hard-pressed to find another low-speed disc that is so understable. Try it out if you have smaller hands, the disc has a low profile which should make it easier to grip.

It has a nice neutral flight and is the perfect disc for the straddle putt. More advanced players will get good use out of the wedge as a roller and for turn over shots.  

So if you need an unstable putter, choose this excellent Innova disc

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Latitude 64 Ruby – Speed: 3 Glide: 5 Turn: -3 Fade: 1

Another great option for an understand putter is Latitude 64’s Ruby. It’s super easy to throw and would be at home in any disc golfers’ bag.

This is a great option for any new player as a throwing putter. Use it as your point and shoot disc and hit any straight line. 

For faster arms, this disc works well for hyzer flip and anhyzer throws. It’s quite controllable and won’t skip past your target.

Get this easy to throw putter today. The Ruby is the perfect understable putter for any player.

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What Does Understable Mean? 

So, what does understable mean anyway? When we use the term unstable we’re referring to turn rating of the disc or the tendency of the disc to move left or right when it leaves your hand.

For an understable disc, if you are a right-handed player throwing backhand, the disc will tend to fly to the right after it leaves your hand. For lefties, it’s the opposite. The disc will tend to move to the left.

You might hear people refer to understable discs as flippy. This just means that the disc has a higher tendency to flip over.

What Can I Use These Discs For?

Understable putters are very versatile and can be used in a variety of situations. First off, they are ideal for newer players or players with slower arm speeds.

In the hands of one of these players, an understable putter will fly relatively straight. By comparison, if one of these players tried to throw an overstable disc the disc would likely hyzer out too earlier and not fly very far.

In the hands of a power player, an unstable putter will turn over with ease. This makes these discs ideal for turnover approach shots. Looking to turn your putter over and finish to the right, grab one of these discs.

Understable putters work great for short throws or approach shots where control is key. For instance, if you need to bend your putter around an obstacle and land near the basket, pick one of these discs.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t have an understable putter in your bag, you are really missing out. While they work fine for your go-to putter, they really shine when being thrown.

I like them for short drives and when approaching the basket. Understable putters are so controllable and would do well in any disc golfers bag.

Grab one today and take it out on the course. As soon as you throw one of these discs you’ll fall in love when them. They will have a permanent home in your bag.    

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