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Is Disc Golf Easier Than Golf?

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Whether you’re looking to perfect your swing or just get started, disc golf and traditional golf offer something unique for everyone. Although they both involve throwing skills and talent, the ultimate objective is vastly different!

When debating between disc golf and traditional golf, one common query is which game may be easier to play. Due to various contributing elements, there isn’t a straightforward answer; nevertheless, it’s essential to contemplate the dissimilarities.

If you’re curious about the primary differences between disc and regular golf, read on. Plus, we’ll delve into which of these sports is generally simpler than the other as well!

Disc Golf Vs. Golf

Disc golf is an action-packed, competitive sport where players use a specialized flying disc to throw into designated targets known as baskets or chains.

Golf is an exciting and thrilling sport for those who enjoy it. Compared with disc golf, traditional golf has the objective of completing a round in as few strokes as possible. Golfers must swing clubs to hit small balls across 18-hole courses, creating a captivating challenge that spurs them on until they reach their destination.

Let’s take a closer look at disc golf and traditional golf sports to uncover the intriguing similarities they share while distinguishing their differences from entertaining recreational activities.

Resemblances Between Disc Golf & Golf

There are a few similarities between disc golf and golf, such as:

  • Both games require accuracy, focus, and technique to score the best
  • Both games are played in natural settings such as parks, open fields, and forests
  • In both sports, the objective is to land the disc (in disc golf) or ball (in golf) into a designated target

Differences Between Disc Golf & Golf

While there are similarities, what differs between disc golf and golf games include:

  • Equipment
  • Course Layout
  • Technique
  • Skill level

Reasons Why Disc Golf Is Better Than Golf

While some might swear by Golf, Disc Golf has garnered many passionate avid fans due to its unique advantages. Here are a few reasons why it’s proclaimed superior by these enthusiasts:

Cost-Effective Choice

Disc golf is generally much more affordable than golf. The equipment, such as discs, is much cheaper than clubs and balls. Compared with other sports like traditional golf, disc golf is one of the most impressive sports requiring less to zero cost! 

You will need nothing besides the required disc golf discs when playing. In fact, you may even borrow disc golf discs when playing or practicing for beginners instead of buying them immediately.

No Dress Code

Disc golf doesn’t usually have strict dress codes like golf courses often do. So players don’t need to worry about wearing certain clothing or footwear.

Easy To Learn

Disc Golf is generally considered easier to pick up and learn than golf. The sport has fewer rules, and the basic throwing techniques are more straightforward than the swings required in golf.

Play Whenever You Want!

Disc golf courses are usually free or available for very low fees. This means that players can play anytime without worrying about rushing to book a tee time or paying high fees.

No Bulky Equipment Needed

While golf equipment is bulky and can be a hassle, disc golf discs are easy to transport, and players can carry their entire set in a single bag.

Less Formal

Disc golf courses are often looser and far less formal than traditional golf courses, allowing players who prefer a more laid-back atmosphere to enjoy the game. By eliminating the pressures of competition and structure, this form of recreation can be truly enjoyed for its simplicity.

Different Types Of Disc Golf Discs

Each disc type comes in different models, weights, and plastics, which can further affect their flight characteristics and control. As a player wanting to progress in your skills and experience, you must understand the different types of discs and how to use them in specific courses and playstyles.

Distance Drivers

Distance drivers are designed to cover long distances and are used for the longest shots in a game of disc golf. They are aerodynamically shaped to travel further and faster than other types of discs but are more difficult to control compared to other types.

To guide you on which one to buy, here are some of the highly recommended distance drivers:

Fairway Drivers

Fairway drivers are used for mid-range shots and have a more controllable flight than distance drivers. They are best suited for shots where accuracy and control are a priority over distance. You may want to check out these recommended fairway drivers by expert players:


Midranges are used for shots that require a more precise approach. They have a more predictable flight path than drivers and are used to make short approach shots or for maneuvering around obstacles on the course. Check out these recommended midrange discs:


Putters are ideal for those shots that require touch and precision. With their rounded edge, they can easily land the ball softly! If you are looking for high-caliber putters to keep you at the top of your game, here are some of the highly recommended putters for golf discs:

Specialty Discs

Expert players looking to add an extra layer of complexity and tactics to their game may choose specialty discs. These specialized discs are ideal for particular throws, such as roller shots, hyzer shots, or overhand throws. With a specialty disc, you’ll have the edge on any course!

Disc Golf Or Golf?

A comprehensive comparison of the disc and traditional golf has revealed that the former can be less complicated for newbies to learn and have a great time. Additionally, its courses are scattered in various settings, making finding an ideal space easy!

However, it’s important to remember that both sports require skill and practice to master. Golf and disc golf both offer exceptional advantages. Ultimately, it comes down to individual preference when deciding between the two sports.

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