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5 Reasons You Should Be Spin Putting

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Without question, the most important part of your disc golf game is putting. Even if you manage to throw super long distances, your lower scores can be hurt if you can’t sink your putts.

Practice and consistency are the keys to putting success. But how do you choose which approach to take?

There are lots of routes to take when deciding on which style to go with. I’ve written about them here. One great option is push putting. Which I’ve covered in detail here.

But the style we’re going to talk about today is spin putting. In this article, I’m going to give you five reason you should be spin putting. Let’s take a look at them.    

1. Great for Beginners

The spin putting technique is an excellent choice for a new disc golfer. The release needed to put spin on a disc is more intuitive.

Beginners are used to throwing a disc and using spin to help throw the shot. Spin putting is no different.

The motion used when spin putting is a throwing motion which is different from the pitch motion of the push putt. Putting in this way can be easier to aim because the putt basically flies in a straight line.

All these reason make the spin putt a great option for beginners to both learn and find success  

2. Less affected by the Wind

No one likes putting in the wind. Having your disc carried off target and float past the basket is no fun.

Adding more strokes to your final score is a bummer. That’s why learning the spin putt is so great.

The disc is less likely to be affected by windy conditions. The disc’s spin keeps the disc flying straighter and prevents the wind from getting under the disc and pushing it off course.

So even if you stick with your push putting style, learning the spin putt for those windy days is a viable option. If you play a lot in the Midwest, learning to push with spin is a must.  

For more tips on play in the wind, check out this article

3. Consistent at varying distances

One of the keys to disc golf success is being able to play consistently day in and day out. If you can throw the disc and know where it’s going to go every time you’ll play better.

Putting is the exact same way. Being able to keep your putting routine the same each putt is going to make it easier to knock down your putts overtime.

The spin putt will help you do that. Each putt, no matter the distance is going to be the same release point and the same angle. Not having to make the call each time you step up to a putt is going to lead to lower scores.   

4. Great for low ceilings

If you’ve ever had your putt blocked by a low hanging branch, you know it can be frustrating.

For the push putting style, in order to make a disc fly to the basket, the disc must be released nose up and fly in an arch toward the basket.

There is nothing wrong with push putting but if you have a low hanging ceiling or an obstacle it can be tricky to sink your putts. This is where the spin putt will shine.

Spin putting doesn’t require an arch. The disc will fly straight toward the basket, flying under any low ceilings.  

5. Works well outside the circle

Another drawback to the push putting style is it can be different to get the disc to reach the basket. You need to release the disc high and use your lower body to power the disc forward for extra distance.

Using a putter with extra glide can help it get there. This isn’t a problem when spin putting.

Releasing the disc on the same line with the same angle will get you to the basket each time if your aim is on point. Knocking down long putts outside of the circle shouldn’t be a problem with this approach to putting.   

Final Thoughts

If you’re new to disc golf, I hope you’ll consider the spin putt for your main putting style.

For beginners, it’s easy to pick up and learn. It works well in the wind and at long distances. Spin putting is a consistent motion from anywhere in or outside the circle.

nd you don’t have to be intimidated by a low ceiling. All these reasons make it an excellent choice. So, I hope you’ll choose to spin your way to putting success.  

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