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MVP Servo

Green Servo No ratings yet.

The Servo sounds like a slower Volt, or a faster Tangent. It’s said to be a super straight flying disc that is just as super easy to control. While the original MVP drivers (Volt, Shock, Amp) are classified as speed 8-9 drivers, the Servo follows the Resistors path with a 1.7 cm rim and speed rating of 6-7. According to MVP:The Servo is a straight-stable fairway driver with a low power requirement and controlled speed. Its extended GYRO™ push gives it less lateral movement and immense glide with an effortless forward fade. Both high and low power throwers alike will achieve easy pinpoint accuracy with ultimate control to make it one of their most used discs on the fairway.”

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Innova Foxbat

Orange Foxbat No ratings yet.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… a Foxbat?

The all new Innova Foxbat Star Glide aloftr is a mid-range disc that is supposed to fly as straight as a bat (or maybe an arrow as bats don’t fly very straight), pardon the jokes. In seriousness, this is a wide diameter mid-range with exceptional glide capabilities. Being so confident in this discs gliding capabilites,Innova has slapped the thing with a glide rating of 6- something not seen often from mid-range discs.

For new disc golfers, because of it’s ease in accurate and straight throwing, the Foxbat will be able to overcome the frustration of not being able to throw straight. For more experienced disc golfers, this mid will be ideal for long anhyzer shots that need to stay “turned over.” This is one of only a handful of mid-ranges to recieve a fade rating of 0.

The description of this new disc give it characteristics that meet many disc golfers wish list.

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Latitude 64 Saint Pro

Blue Saint Pro No ratings yet.

The Saint is easily one of our most popular discs and is nearly impossible to keep in stock. Hence why Latitude 64 has responded by creating a new mold of the Saint, the “Saint Pro”.

According to Latitude 64:  “The Saint Pro is the big brother of our popular fairway driver, Saint. We gave it a little bit more stability, and the outcome was very favorable with our test crew. Reliable, with enough stability and control for both turns and distance.”

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Innova Nova

White and Blue Nova No ratings yet.

The Nova, is a straight flying Aviar type putter that utilizes two different plastic blends to provide a unique flight and feel. The outer rim is a very soft “grippy” plastics that grabs the chains. The inner flight plate is firm, but tacky. This two-piece putter disc is described as “having the high-speed stability of the Big-Bead Aviar with minimal low-speed fade.”  This is the perfect finesse for handling the power of “modern players”, while providing precision accuracy. With two plastic varieties, this disc offers more color options than you’ll ever see in an Apple smartphone.

A unique thing about the Nova compared with other over-mold discs is that it has slits approximately one inch apart throughout the rim.

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Innova Nova

Nova Quick Stats

  • Disc Width: 21.3cm
  • Disc Height: 2.7cm
  • Rim Thickness 1.1cm
  • Interior Rim Height 1.5cm

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Innova Atlas

Blue and Yellow Atlas No ratings yet.

The Atlas is the first disc manufactured by Innova that combines two different plastics in the same disc. This method of utilizing a rim piece that is composed of a different plastic from the flight plate is called an ‘overmold’ and has been very successful for MVP.

The rim of the Atlas is composed of a gummy composite that provides an unparalleled grip, consistency, and flight durability for a long time. On the underside of the rim there is four compass points that help secure the outer rim to the inner flight plate.

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The Atlas is available in weights from 165 to 180 grams. Here is the flight path and dimensions:
Innova Atlas

Atlas Quick Stats

  • Disc Width: 21.8cm (101.18% of average, 101.70% average Midrange)
  • Disc Height: 1.7cm (90.63% of average, 91.54% average Midrange)
  • Interior Rim Height: 1.4cm (118.95% of average, 109.64% average Midrange)
  • Rim Width: 1.4cm (92.03% of average, 99.32% average Midrange)
  • Available Weights: 165-180g

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