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Innova Foxbat

Orange Foxbat No ratings yet.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… a Foxbat?

The all new Innova Foxbat Star Glide aloftr is a mid-range disc that is supposed to fly as straight as a bat (or maybe an arrow as bats don’t fly very straight), pardon the jokes. In seriousness, this is a wide diameter mid-range with exceptional glide capabilities. Being so confident in this discs gliding capabilites,Innova has slapped the thing with a glide rating of 6- something not seen often from mid-range discs.

For new disc golfers, because of it’s ease in accurate and straight throwing, the Foxbat will be able to overcome the frustration of not being able to throw straight. For more experienced disc golfers, this mid will be ideal for long anhyzer shots that need to stay “turned over.” This is one of only a handful of mid-ranges to recieve a fade rating of 0.

The description of this new disc give it characteristics that meet many disc golfers wish list.

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