7 Disc Mystery Box


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This Disc Golf Mystery Box is the perfect way to get a large selection of premium plastic discs, from a variety of different manufactures, at the BEST possible price. In this package, your average cost for each disc is just under $10! None of the discs included will be base-line, cheap plastic. If you want to try a large selection of discs, but aren’t sure which models or brands to choose, this package set is the perfect, affordable way to explore and load your bag. While the contents of each box are a mystery, each set is guaranteed to have a variety of brands and disc models.

However, if you order multiples at the same time, they may have some duplicates. Each box includes 7 discs and will include: At least one putter At least one midrange disc At least one understable driver At least one overstable driver Discs from at least 3 different manufacturers This package set is packaged at the Infinite Discs warehouse and could include an assortment of x-out, misprint, special edition, limited run, tournament stamp, or stock stamp discs. No refunds or exchanges. Enjoy your disc golf adventure!

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