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Dynamic Discs Warden

Grey Warden with Gold Markings No ratings yet.

The Warden is the beadless version of the popular Dynamic Discs Judge. This is a disc that is a straight shooter with a minimal fade and is the second in Dynamic Discs lineup that can boast this. It will be available in both classic and classic soft plastic, and offers an ultra comfortable feel for those that who prefer a putter without a bead.

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Dynamic Discs Warden

Dynamic Discs Judge Quick Stats

  • Disc Width: 21.2 cm (97.41% of average)
  • Disc Height: 2 cm (79.72% of average)
  • Interior Rim Height: 1.5cm (101.95% of average)
  • Rim Width: 1.1cm (129.88% of average)
  • Available Weights: 170-175g

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