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Innova XD

Salmon XD No ratings yet.

XD does not stand for extra distance. Rather, the XD is another great disc in the Innova series of putters. This is a go-to disc for long putts and approach shots.While it is not made for distance, some actually use the putter as their distance disc when nothing else is available.

The XD is no longer in stock.
Innova XD

Innova XD Quick Stats

  • Disc Width: 21.2cm (97.87% of average)
  • Disc Height: 2.1cm (104.60% of average)
  • Interior Rim Height: 1.1cm (93.46% of average)
  • Rim Width: 0.9cm (62.89% of average)
  • Available Weights (DX): 165-175g

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