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Latitude 64 Halo

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The Halo is the premium distance driver for power throwers. This is an ultra high speed (13) overstable driver and will provide maximum distance for the most powerful arms. This is a very thin (1.4 cm) disc, but has a very wide rim (2.4mm) to produce even more speed and distance, allowing for Latitude 64 to declare this the farthest flying disc.

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Latitude 64 Halo

Latitude 64 Halo Quick Stats

  • Disc Width: 21.2cm (97.87% of average, 100.19% average Distance Driver)
  • Disc Height: 1.4cm (69.76% of average, 84.79% average Distance Driver)
  • Interior Rim Height: 1.1cm (93.46% of average, 93.05% average Distance Driver)
  • Rim Width: 2.4cm (164.06% of average, 107.41% average Fairway)
  • Available Weights (Opto Line, Gold Line): 164-176g

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