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Latitude 64 Missilen

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This new Latitude 64 Missilen (Swedish for Missle) is a unique new distance driver that features hexagonal cavities on the disc designed to help reduce drag. The shape of this new disc combined with the new technology will help this driver fly like a missle with unmatched end of flight speed. This very well could be the fastest golf disc out there.

The Missilen is not be for the average disc golfer, and will likely only perform well for experienced players that generate exceptional speed and snap. The initial flight ratings for the Missilen are something like 15/3/0/4. This disc has a very wide 2.5cm rim, the same as the Discraft Nuke or Innova Boss.

If the Hexagon design really performs well, we will likely see future disc golf discs discs of more moderate speeds follow.


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