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Salient Prometheus

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The Prometheus is a unique new driver released by up and coming Salient Discs. This is an extra wide diameter, straight flying distance driver. The intention with the Prometheus is to provide a disc possesses a similar flight path to that of a mid-range, but the distance of a driver. At 22.6cm, the diameter of this driver is wider than anything else the PDGA has approved in years. This disc is almost a centimeter wider than the Discraft Buzzz. The rim of the Prometheus also pushes the limits on width. The only PDGA approved disc with a wider wing, than the 2.6cm Prometheus, is the Aerobie Epic. The only disc that can rival the Prometheus in dimensions is the non-PDGA-approved Gateway Ninja. Salient describes the Prometheus as a distance driver that acts like a fairway driver, with the fade of a mid-range, and is said to be friendly to all golfers no matter the skill level.

This disc is no longer available.

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