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Best Disc Golf Backpacks

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It’s effortless to waltz in Target and grab any backpack. But that’s not the case for a disc golf player. A high-quality bag should be a fundamental component of every disc golf player’s game, regardless of experience or ability level. The useful tool makes the game more enjoyable and convenient. And in all honesty, it is more of a necessity than a luxury. A backpack is necessary for carrying and organizing your discs during the game. The player can also store additional personal items and belongings for protection when inside the course. As crucial as the disc golf backpack, you must select that best suits your demands and requirements in the game. In this detailed guide, we’ll explain the features of the best disc golf backpacks. Disc Golf Action will assist you in selecting the finest one available today. Learn more by reading on!

Below is a table summarizing the best disc golf backpacks in this guide.

Best Disc Golf Backpacks
Name Disc Storage Weight Material
Fossa Skinny 2.3 Bag 25+ 2.8 lbs. PVC Coated Nylon
DGA TRVRS LT Disc Golf Bag 20+
Handeye Supply Co. Mission Rig Backpack 18-20 5 lbs.
DD Combat Sniper 16+ 4.2 lbs.
REVOLUTION Dual Pack Backpack 20+ 1000d Cordura
MVP Voyager Lite 20-22 900D Polyester
Wild Discs Kangaroo Disc Golf Bag 45+ 4.8 lbs. 900D/Polyester + 1680D/Polyester + Tarpaulin
DD Paratrooper Backpack 18+ 4 lbs.
Luxury E4 20-30 6.1 lbs. 600D x 600D Poly ripstop with Eco-Friendly PVC backing
Prodigy BP-2 V3 28 3 lbs Nylon Ripstop Fabric

1. Best Disc Golf Backpacks – Fossa Skinny 2.3 Bag

Fossa Skinny 2.3 Bag

Check Fossa Skinny 2.3 Bag on Infinite Discs

Specifications of Skinny 2.3 Bag
Disc Capacity 25+
Weight 2.8 lbs
Dimension 20″ x 14″ x 12″
Water Bottle Holders 1
Material PVC-coated nylon
Waterproof? Yes
Price $135.00


The Skinny 2.3 Bag is an upgraded version of Fossa’s Skinny bag. Whether you’re playing for fun or competing in a tournament, this bag can hold all of your disc golf needs.

Capable of holding up to 25 discs as well as other items. There is a designated cell phone pouch with a clear, touch-screen capable screen. A large and adjustable bottle holder is provided, allowing easy storage of virtually any water bottle. The Skinny 2.3 bag is also lightweight, making it good for your back.


  • Can hold over 25 discs
  • 600D PVC Coated Nylon
  • Large cell phone pocket with touch screen enabled front
  • Snap-on rainfly
  • Holders for scorecard, pencils, umbrella/stool


  • Not fit for shorter individuals

2. Best Disc Golf Backpacks – DGA TRVRS LT Disc Golf Bag

DGA TRVRS LT Disc Golf Bag

Check DGA TRVRS LT Disc Golf Bag on Infinite Discs
Check DGA TRVRS LT Disc Golf Bag on Amazon

Specifications of DGA TRVRS LT Disc Golf Bag
Disc Capacity 20+
Water Bottle Holders 1
Waterproof? Yes
Price $54.99 – $59.99


DGA’S newest addition to their bag collection, the TRVRS LT is loaded with amazing features. It has eight separate compartments and storage areas for your discs and supplies. In addition to the main disc compartment, it has a 20+ disc capacity.

The huge water bottle holder, accessory strap, and ergonomic shoulder straps with a convenient carrying handle are notable features. TRVRS LT is available in three distinct colorways: black, green, and a vibrant floral choice with some West Coast vibes. It is a fantastic fit for any style, as well as a price range that makes an excellent gift.


  • Two top pockets for accessories or putters
  • Ergonomic straps
  • Strong internal frame
  • Great internal divider
  • Weather-resistant base


  • Material used not specified

3. Handeye Supply Co. Mission Rig Backpack

3. Handeye Supply Co. Mission Rig Backpack

Check Handeye Supply Co. Mission Rig Backpack on Infinite Discs
Check Handeye Supply Co. Mission Rig Backpack on Amazon

Specifications of Handeye Supply Co. Mission Rig Backpack
Disc Capacity 18-20
Weight 5 lbs.
Dimension 19″ x 15″ x 10″ (unexpanded bottle holder)

19″ x 20″ x 10″ (expanded bottle holder)

Water Bottle Holders 1
Waterproof? Yes
Price $149.99


Handeye’s first “large bag” contains everything you’d need in a disc golf backpack. The bag can carry 18-20 discs while still giving space for other disc golf essentials.

Its top pocket is spacious and deep. You can fit more discs, a sweater, or any bulky item you bring with you while out on the course. At the same time, the three side pockets accommodate smaller stuff like towels, sharpies, a wallet, keys, or a phone.

Two D-rings along the handle’s length for you to attach towels, bag tags, or your Bluetooth speaker. The bottle holder can accommodate most water bottles. It also has a cinch strap to hold smaller ones.


  • Accessory pocket
  • Breathable back panel
  • Water-resistant bottom


  • No material mentioned

4. DD Combat Sniper

Best Disc Golf Backpacks DD Combat Sniper

Check DD Combat Sniper on Infinite Discs
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Specifications of DD Combat Sniper
Disc Capacity 16+
Weight 4.12 lbs.
Dimension 19″ x 14″ x 9″ (unexpanded bottle holder)

19″ x 28″ x 9″ (expanded bottle holder)

Water Bottle Holders 2
Waterproof? Yes
Price $149.99 – $154.99


The Combat Sniper is an upgraded version of the original Sniper design. Combat Sniper also has Sniper’s two bottle holders, 16+ discs in the main compartment, and a deep top zippered pocket. But Dynamic Discs made the Combat Sniper answer some issues with the original one.

Its new features include a top putter compartment and two side pockets. It also has a front flap pocket for your go-to disc and additional padding on the backpack straps. The backpack also has oversized feet for higher stability.


  • Removable lightweight disc divider
  • Water-resistant bottom
  • Padded straps with chest clip
  • Firm yet breathable molded back panel


  • Material not specified
  • Deep pocket becomes too bulky

5. REVOLUTION Dual Pack Backpack

REVOLUTION Dual Pack Backpack

Check REVOLUTION Dual Pack Backpack on Infinite Discs
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Specifications of REVOLUTION Dual Pack Backpack
Disc Capacity 20+
Dimension 21″ x 13″ x 9″
Water Bottle Holders 2
Material 1000d Cordura fabric
Waterproof? Yes
Price $229.99 – $244.99


REVOLUTION’S dual pack backpack is no average backpack. It’s the goliath among the bags on this list.  The bag is created for maximum storage. There are two main compartments (top and bottom) to carry your discs and other critical supplies.

While it is stylish, the REVOLUTION dual pack is equally durable. The bag is made from ultra-tough 1000d Cordura in an all-new three-color combination. The bottom of the bag is composed of tough truck vinyl, which will keep your bag clean and decrease wear.

The bag also has upgraded Drylex shoulder straps and insulated drink holders for full-on game mode. No matter how much you’re carrying, the shoulder straps are curved and well padded to make them ultra-comfortable to wear.

There’s also a waist strap for those long rides between thunderous drives. Like every other REVOLUTION disc golf bag, the back is extensively padded to keep you comfortable and focused.


  • Top compartment: 10-15 discs
  • Bottom compartment: 14-20 discs
  • Has the all-new RollCage Internal Frame


  • Not fit for short individuals
  • Tend to be very heavy

6. MVP Voyager Lite

Best Disc Golf Backpacks MVP Voyager Lite

Check MVP Voyager Lite on Infinite Discs
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Specifications of MVP Voyager Lite
Disc Capacity 20-22
Water Bottle Holders 0
Material 900D Polyester
Waterproof? Yes
Price $89.99


The Voyager Lite Backpack is a revamped version of the Voyager that weighs less. It is 25% lighter than previous voyager versions while optimizing storage space. The downside of this bag is the quality of its construction. Its straps are not nearly as comfy, and they’re slightly flimsy.


  • Improved zippers
  • Heavy-duty rubber stabilizing bottom
  • High tipping resistance


  • Not comfortable
  • Material not specified

7. Wild Discs Kangaroo Disc Golf Bag

Wild Discs Kangaroo Disc Golf Bag

Check Wild Discs Kangaroo Disc Golf Bag on Infinite Discs
Check Wild Discs Kangaroo Disc Golf Bag on Amazon

Specifications of Wild Discs Kangaroo Disc Golf Bag
Disc Capacity 45+
Weight 4.8 lbs.
Water Bottle Holders 2
Material 900D/Poly + 1680D/Poly + Tarpaulin
Waterproof? Yes
Price $199.99


The Kangaroo Disc Golf Bag is a Wild Discs disc golf backpack that has the most disc capacity on the list. It can fit 45 discs in total. 20 in the main compartment, 4 in the putter pocket, 2 in the main flap compartment, and 2 in the front pouch.

Aside from disc storage, there are side pockets for your wallet, keys, jacket, or towels. The bag’s expanding side pockets will accommodate a wide range of items. There are also two insulated 32oz water bottle holders.


  • Upgraded metal SBS waterproof zippers
  • Exterior towel clips (top sides)
  • Reinforced base with two ground rails
  • Umbrella/Retriever sleeves


  • Only one colorway

8. DD Paratrooper Backpack

Best Disc Golf Backpacks DD Paratrooper Backpack

Check DD Paratrooper Backpack on Infinite Discs
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Specifications of DD Paratrooper Backpack
Disc Capacity 18+
Weight 4 lbs.
Dimension 18″ x 10” x 20” (excluding water bottle holder)

24″ x 10” x 20” (excluding water bottle holder)

Water Bottle Holders 2
Price $99.99


The DD Paratrooper Backpack’s main compartment can hold 18 discs or even more. It is the bigger brother to the brand’s popular Trooper bag and is ideal for all players.  You can use additional space in the top compartment to carry more discs.

It has a stronger structure, more padding, greater durability, and more storage. Also, the backpack has two large side pockets, two drawstring-enclosed water bottle holders, and a top compartment.

The Dynamic Discs Paratrooper is durable material meant to last in most conditions. It also has a bottom rail system for added stability. But you need some assembling to do when you pick this backpack. The Paratrooper ships without its side and back walls to avoid compromising the bag’s structure.


  • A separate compartment for two putters
  • Two large storage pockets on both sides
  • 2 drawstring water bottle holders
  • Bottom rail system


  • Still need assembling

9. Luxury E4

Best Disc Golf Backpacks Luxury E4

Check Luxury E4 on Infinite Discs
Check Luxury E4 on Amazon

Specifications of Luxury E4
Disc Capacity 20-30
Weight 6.1 lbs.
Dimension 20” x 16” x 10”
Water Bottle Holders 1
Material 600D x 600D Poly ripstop with Eco-Friendly PVC backing
Price $199.99


The Latitude 64 Luxury E4 is the most recent Luxury Bag. E4 is one of the most durable and opulent bags on the market. It is designed to hold roughly 20 discs, but it can hold 30 if all pockets are filled with discs. There is a putter pocket on one side and a water bottle holder on the other. The umbrella holder can hold either a closed or open umbrella. There are numerous pockets and areas to store all of the equipment required for a successful round of disc golf.


  • Large top compartment has a special slot for phones
  • Main disc compartment has an adjustable divider
  • High-quality SBS zippers
  • Bottle holder for up to 1.5 liters


  • Get heavy to carry

10. Prodigy BP-2 V3

Best Disc Golf Backpacks Prodigy BP-2 V3

Check Prodigy BP-2 V3 on Infinite Discs
Check Prodigy BP-2 V3 on Amazon

Specifications of Prodigy BP-2 V3
Disc Capacity 28
Weight 3 lbs
Dimension 16.5” x 18” x 4”
Water Bottle Holders 2
Material Nylon Ripstop Fabric
Waterproof? Yes
Price $80.99


The newest version of the Prodigy BP-2 is a must for any disc golf player. It is a small but highly functional backpack that allows anyone to bring everything they need to the course. The product’s quality is excellent, even down to the smallest details. It’s made from Nylon Ripstop Fabric, which is long-lasting, waterproof, and tearproof.

The bag’s reinforced bottom was also impressive as it can hold up well when placed on the ground. Finally, the storage capacity was outstanding, easily carrying 28 discs simultaneously. A flap tuck with velcro keeps the discs secure in the compartment. Additionally, the zippered side pockets can hold items other than discs, such as keys, phones, and other items.


  • Superb storage capacity
  • Numerous external side pockets.
  • Lightweight
  • Rubberized reinforced base


  • The material used feels thin

What To Look For In A Disc Golf Backpack?

If you want to always bring your A-game, the first thing you should consider purchasing is a disc golf backpack. A bag designed explicitly for the players can drastically alter how you experience the game.

However, selecting the best may appear to be a hard task, especially if you’re a newbie. Don’t worry; we’ve developed a list of the most important features to be aware of to assist you.

Disc Capacity

It’s a no-brainer that disc capacity is the most important feature you need to look for in a disc golf backpack. Disc capacity is a measurement of how many discs a bag can store and is usually a function of size. The normal capacity range starts at 8 discs for the smallest entry-level backpacks and can go up to 20 discs for the most expensive models.

While capacity is vital for the quality of your game, it’s worth noting that big capacity bags have a threshold of diminishing returns. Despite their ability to contain a large number of discs, these bags are frequently heavy, reducing comfort and mobility.

Carrying Capacity & Dimension

The carrying capacity and dimension go hand in hand with the disc capacity. Keep in mind that discs weigh between 160 and 180 grams, but others weigh more or less for certain reasons. So consider other items you will put in the bag like water bottles, an extra shirt, or an umbrella.

The bag should carry a lot of necessary items and will not give. Also, the bag should be spacious enough to store those items.

Material & Durability

Your bag should be exceptionally long-lasting. Playing outside for extended periods will undoubtedly expose the bag to various environmental situations. High-density textiles that can withstand the roughness of outdoor activities are typically used to make the best disc golf backpacks.

Nylon and polyester are almost the same because both make bags light yet sturdy. But polyester backpacks typically retain their new appearance longer because the material keeps color better. It is more resistant to water and dries faster, and it is less expensive. The nylon ones, on the other hand, have a softer feel. They are often lighter and tougher than polyester bags.

There are also disc golf backpacks made from leather bags. They are more expensive but endure longer than nylon bags. However, leather bags are heavier. Furthermore, because there are so many different varieties of leather, it’s difficult to say which one is the best.


You want to have a waterproof disc golf backpack if you play in wet conditions or travel to different locations. It would be beneficial to keep your discs dry to improve your game. Or, at the very least, get the water-resistant one to save as much of the equipment as possible. You could simply get a rain cover separately as most bags are waterproof or water-resistant only at the bottom.


You don’t want to invest in a disc golf backpack if it isn’t comfortable, regardless of the other bag features. A bag that doesn’t fit you properly will greatly detriment your game.

Not to mention, the first thing to consider when purchasing a bag is the level of comfort it provides. It’s probably worth the extra money for the extra comfort. To determine comfort, look for features such as padded shoulder straps and the quality of the back panel.

Additional Features

Some backpacks have additional storage, a divider inside, or even an umbrella holder. Choose a bag that has the additional features that suit your playing strategy.

Carry More With These Disc Golf Backpacks

A disc golf backpack is a must-have item on the course. But before picking any of the backpacks mentioned above, make sure you know what you need and anticipate from it. It all boils down to personal preference for the best disc golf backpacks. It’s time to grab your backpack and head to the course for more fun days of disc golf!

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