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Best Disc Golf Discs For Tomahawk Throws

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Out on the disc golf courses, it’s easy to get to into some difficult situations. Sometimes you’ll have a big obstacle in your way that’s blocking your normal disc golf throwing style. Other times you may need a very accurate shot and your go-to throw may not be the best option. In both these cases, the tomahawk throw can get you there but what disc do you use? In this article I’m going to go over my top picks for the best disc golf discs for tomahawk throws. Let’s take a look at these great discs.

Best Disc Golf Discs For Tomahawk Throws

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Here are my picks for the best disc for the tomahawk

  • Aerobie Epic
  • Latitude 64 XXX
  • Innova Firebird
  • Discraft Flick
  • Dynamic Discs Felon

Check out my choices in more detail:

Best Disc Golf Discs For Tomahawk Throws (Aerobie Epic – Speed: 11 Glide: 3 Turn: -2  Fade: 4)

Best Disc Golf Discs For Tomahawk Throws

The Epic is an excellent choice for a tomahawk disc.

It is specifically designed to extend the distance of you tomahawk drives. The rim of the disc is more narrow on one side and winder on the other.

The flight rating of this disc is a little misleading as it requires you to bend the disc before throwing it.

The disc has it’s quirks and may not work for all players but I suggested you grab on and give it a try.

See for yourself if the Aerobie Epic is right for you.

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Best Disc Golf Discs For Tomahawk Throws (Latitude 64 XXX – Speed: 7 Glide: 3 Turn: 0  Fade: 4)

Best Disc Golf Discs For Tomahawk Throws

If you want longer tomahawk drives than you’ll want the XXX.

This disc currently holds the distance record for the tomahawk throw, what more convincing do you need?

The Latitude 64 disc is a super overstable fairway driver that seems to have been made for tomahawks.

I can’t say enough good things about the XXX. Grab one now!  

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Best Disc Golf Discs For Tomahawk Throws (Innova Firebird – Speed: 9 Glide: 3 Turn: 0  Fade: 4)

Innova made an great overstable driver with the firebird.

It’s great for hyzer shots, skip shots, hyzer flexes, and spike hyzers.

With all the said, it’s also a great disc for tomahawks. If you are a lover of the Innova brand, this disc is a no-brainer for the tomahawk spot in your bag.

Get your hands an excellent overstable driver. You won’t be disappointed!

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Discraft Flick – Speed: 9 Glide: 4 Turn: 0  Fade: 4

This disc made by Discraft may be known a great forehand driver but that’s not all it can do.

For the tomahawk throw, the flick shines. This super overstable driver is all you’ll ever need for your overhand throws.

You can use it for spike hyzer, sidearm drives, and flex shots.

Get a great driver made by Discraft and take your game to the next level!

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Dynamic Discs Felon – Speed: 9 Glide: 4 Turn: 0  Fade: 4

It should be a crime to not take advantage of this great disc made by Dynamic Discs.

The Felon is the perfect option for any tomahawk throw. It has a reliable flight that you can trust when throwing overhand.

You can also use it for hyzers, flex shots, spike hyzers and sidearm throws. Don’t be a criminal.

Order the felon right now. Don’t miss out on a great disc.    

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What Is The Tomahawk?

The tomahawk is an overhand disc golf throw. The motion is similar to throwing a baseball overhanded.

When throwing a tomahawk most players use the same grip as they do for their forehand drivers.

The disc is held vertically with the flight plate facing toward the thrower. This is the opposite to the other overhand throw, which is called the thumber.

For this throw the flight plate faces away from the throwing with the player’s thumb on the rim.  

When Should I Use A Tomahawk Throw?

There are several reason to use a tomahawk throw.

One is for its accuracy. If you are in a situation that you need to pinpoint where the disc should land, using the tomahawk throw can get you there.

If the ground is level, you can drop a disc very accuracy with a tomahawk.

Another situation would be if you need to throw over an obstacle. The tomahawk allows you to throw the disc in arching flight path which is great for throwing over stuff.

This is a great shot to perfect for scrambling and getting out of trouble on the course.

Tomahawks can also be used for their finish.

If you are a right-handed player the disc will corkscrew in the air moving right to left. For Lefties, the flight path will be reversed.

For sidearm dominate players, the tomahawk is a great option when you need the disc to finish the other way. Plus, the grip used for both shots can be the same.     

What Makes A Great Tomahawk Disc?

For distance, the ideal tomahawk disc is a fairway driver that’s overstable.

Lower speed overstable distance drivers can also be used for distance too.

Drivers in this speed range work well because they take longer to complete the corkscrew flight rotate that a tomahawk throw has and they do it more predictably.

Because the disc stays longer in the air, more distance is archived.  

What About Using An Understable Disc?

Understable discs in the fairway to lower distance driver speed range can also be useful for tomahawks.

These discs will have a tighter barrel roll in the air, have less right to left movement and get to the ground quicker.

This works well for smaller gaps, in the woods and if you just need to get over an obstacle and back on the ground fast.

Final Thoughts

Learning the tomahawk can be great for you disc golf game. It’s a great utility shot to have in your bag of disc golf tricks.

Whether you are going for a highly accurate placed shot in the fairway or you need to get over a big tree.

If you use the right disc, a tomahawk can get you there.

Grabbing one of the Best Disc Golf Discs For Tomahawk Throws I’ve listed here will get you a more predictable flight path and a tomahawk that will fly farther.

Give one of these Best Disc Golf Discs For Tomahawk Throws a try and you won’t be sorry. Happy Tomahawking!   

Image Flicker Creative Commons – paul_houle

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