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Best Disc Golf Podcasts

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The Best Disc Golf Podcasts To Follow This Year 2023

I really like playing disc golf. If it was up to me I’d have unlimited free time and during most of that free time, I’d be on the course, doing field work or practicing my putting. Sadly, this is not the case. Like most of you, I have a job, family obligations and other things I have to do that prevent me from participating in the sport I love. One great way I get some extra disc golf in my life while I’m doing those things I have to do is listening to best disc golf podcasts. In general, podcasts have exploded over the recent years and with the increased popularity in the podcast medium, some really good disc golf podcasts have been released. Feel free to listen to them all and make your our decisions but I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorites.

This list isn’t in any particular order. I do truly like them all. If you produce your own podcast and it’s not on the list, I’m sorry. If your favorite disc golf podcast didn’t make the list, I’m sorry again. In my defense, there are a lot of best disc golf podcasts out there and it’s almost impossible to listen to them all.   










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My Picks for the best disc golf podcasts:

Disc Golf Answer Man

Disc Golf Answer Man is published by the great disc golf company, Dynamics Discs. It’s hosted by three awesome individuals. Eric McCabe is a professional disc golfer and the 2010 world champion. Bobby or CoolDaddySlickBreeze who is the Media Director at Dynamic Discs. Finally, Robert McCall who is the Team Manager for Dynamics Discs.

These three guys come together on the podcast to answer listener submitted questions. That’s right you can submit your question and they could answer it for you on the air. You see a lot of disc professionals and other Disc Golf titans fill in which is great because the show is always fresh and you get to listen to a lot of different people’s perspectives.

Check out Disc Golf Answer Man Here.

SmashboxxTV’s Disc Golf Podcast

Smashbox TV’s Disc Golf Podcast is hosted by Terry Miller which you may know as “The Disc Golf Guy” and Jonny Van Deurzen. This show mainly focuses on the disc golf pro scene. They have interviews with top professional disc golfer regularly and focus on the disc golf pro tour. So if you are at all interested in professional disc golf, you have to check this Podcast out.  

The Podcast is broken up into two parts. There is the initial show and then the after show. The initial show can usually last between 2 hours and 2 and a half hours. The after show usually lasts about an hour but can go even longer. Again, check this podcast out if you like to keep up with the pros.

Check out SmashboxxTV’s Disc Golf Podcast Here.

The Disc Golf Show

This show is hosted by Disc Golf fans, Nick and Justin. They talk about professional disc golf and interview disc golf professions. Nick and Justin discuss disc golf technique and give tips on out to improve your own disc golf game. They even review disc golf gear and make their own recommendations on great equipment. They also take questions from listeners on the show. So if you are looking for a mixed bag when it comes to your disc golf podcast, you need to check out the disc golf show.

Check out The Disc Golf Show Here.

The Disc Golf Podcast

This show is hosted by disc golf fans Joe Hardeman and Robin Brown-Ward. They like to pick a different disc and a beer to review each episode. They also do a weekly pro tour recap. This is one of the more informal podcasts on the list and seems more like two regular disc golfers having a conversation about the sport they love than a structured podcast. The show comes out every Friday. If you are a fan of craft beer and disc golf, you have to listen to this podcast.  

Check out The Disc Golf Podcast Here

Final Round Radio

Andy Goh, Kevin Keith, and Kevin Burgess host Final Round Radio. They boast that they are the top disc golf podcast on the internet. They talk about professional disc golf and interview a top disc golf pro each episode. Final Round Radio takes listener submitted questions as well in a segment they call the Par 4. If you are a big fan of professional disc golf you need to be listening to Final Round Radio.

Check out Final Round Radio Here.

The Upshot

This show is produced by Ultiworld Disc Golf and hosted by Charlie Eisenhood and Jamie Thomas. They focus on professional disc golf and discuss the business side of disc golf. The Upshot really goes into depth on the topics they discuss and if you like numbers and analysis this is a great podcast for you. They take listener submitted questions on the show too. This is a great podcast if you are interested in professional disc golf and the business side of things.

Check out The Upshot Here.

I hope you enjoyed the list. Now just go to your favorite podcast app and download them all. I listen to them while I drive to work and during my lunch break at work. If you want you can lock your doors and put your phone on silent and binge listen to them all. On second thought, don’t do that. Take some time to get out on the course and throw some plastic.

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