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Best Disc Golf Putters

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The Best Disc Golf Putters For 2022

The most important part of any disc golfers game is putting. It doesn’t matter that much if you can throw all the way to the basket if you can’t knock down your putt once you get there. Improving your putting form is important but so is the tool you use. There are a lot of choices in disc golf today and there are a lot of disc makers out there that produce quality putters. So, which one should you use? Which disc golf putter is the best? That’s what we’re going to talk about today. I’ll give you my picks for the best disc golf putters in disc golf. We’ll also discuss the characteristics of a putter, what makes a great one and what types of shots you can throw with your putter.  

Best Disc Golf Putters

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Here are my picks for the best putters in disc golf:

  • Innova Aviar
  • Dynamic Discs Judge
  • Discraft Magnet
  • Discmania P2
  • Gateway Wizard
  • Latitude 64 Pure

Best Disc Golf Putters Innova Aviar – Speed: 2 Glide: 3 Turn: 0  Fade: 1

Best Disc Golf Putters

Innova created an excellent putter with the Aviar. You may hear that this putter is the most popular putter in the world.

You may also hear that this putter has won the most disc golf world championships. Both make great cases for this putter’s excellence.  

It’s the putter I started with and still use today. It feels great in the hand and flies straight and true. Grab an Innova Aviar and you’ll be in great company.

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Best Disc Golf Putters Dynamic Discs Judge – Speed: 2 Glide: 4 Turn: 0  Fade: 1

Best Disc Golf Putters

Another great option for the best putter is the Dynamic Discs Judge. The Judge is a straight flying putter, with a lot of glide and just a hint of fade.

It’s Dynamic Discs number one selling disc for a reason. You can use it for your go-to putter, for upshots and approaches and also works great for short drives.

Get a great disc made by Dynamic Discs. You won’t be disappointed when putting with the Judge.  

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Best Disc Golf Putters Discraft Magnet – Speed: 2 Glide: 3 Turn: -1  Fade: 2

Best Disc Golf Putters

The best putter that Discraft makes is the Magnet. This putter stands out from all the putters Discraft makes, they even refer to it as their flagship putter.

It’s the go-to putter for many pros and recreational players and for good reason. The magnet is a good sized disc that will grab the chains. It has a narrow rim that fits great in most hands and makes the disc easy to grip.

This putter will fly really straight with some mild fade at the end of its flight. If you are looking for a great putter that’s made by Discraft, you can’t go wrong with the Magnet.

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Check out other great Discraft putters here.

Discmania P2 – Speed: 2 Glide: 3 Turn: 0  Fade: 1

Looking for an excellent putter? Well, look no further than Discmania’s P2. This putter has a nice straight flight and is quite stable.

It works great on the putting green but is also a great option for a driving putter. It can handle the power you’ll put on it off the tee and will stay on course in the wind.

Discmania says they designed this putter for professional disc golfers specifically but it works great for recreational players too. Pick up a P2 today and start putting with it.

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Gateway Wizard – Speed: 3 Glide: 5 Turn: 0  Fade: 2

Another solid putter is the Gateway Wizard. The Wizard is a straight flying, stable putter that’s perfect for both short and long putts.  

It’s not just great for putting though. It has a lot of glide so it will fly for extra distance. It works well for approach shots and even driving off the tee.

This disc is perfect for short holes where you need the disc to fly super straight and park itself right next to the basket.

You won’t be disappointed with this great putter from Gateway. Buy a Wizard today and elevate your game!

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Latitude 64 Pure – Speed: 3 Glide: 3 Turn: -1  Fade: 1

Latitude 64 produced a great putter with the Pure. It flies super straight and works well for both long and short putts.

It’s a highly accurate disc and you can trust it to find the chains. It’s a great option for new players but could be a go-to putter for any player at any level.

If you give this stable putter a try, I’m confident the Pure will find a permanent home in your bag.

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What Are The Characteristics Of A Disc Golf Putter?

Putters differ from drivers and midrange discs in speed and shape.

Most putters are going to be given a high-speed rating from 3 to 1. Which makes sense because putters are designed for throwing slow controlled shots near the basket.

Putters also tend to have a blunt edge along the rim. When stacked up against midrange discs and drivers, putters tend to have a rounder edge and have more plastic need the center of the disc and less around the edge.

What Makes A Great Disc Golf Putter?

When looking for a great putter, you’ll want to consider a number of things. Does this putter feel good in your hands? Does it have a comfortable grip? These are obviously based on personal opinion and will be different for all players.

The main thing that separates great putters from the pack is a trustworthy, consistent flight path. You’ll want a putter that gives you that straight path over and over to ensure success on the putting green.

Finally, you want a putter you can grip well and won’t slip. This doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the mold of the disc but more to do with the plastic.

So when looking for a good putter you will be using for putting, get a plastic type you can grip well and won’t slip out of your hand.

What Types Of Shots Can You Use A Putter For?

As I have mentioned before, putters are mainly designed for putting. If you have a disc you love and can trust when facing down the basket, get that putter. Better yet, get multiples.

But you can do more with putters than just putting. They also work great for approaching the basket. They are less likely to skip and tend to sit and stay after landing.

You can even drive with them. Check out my recommendations for great driving putters here!  

Final Thoughts

Picking a putter is an important task. Using the right putter can be the difference between an okay round and a course record.

I hope you’ll consider my recommendations for great putters when making your decision on which go-to putter you’ll select.

You can trust any putter listed here but which putter you chose is a personal decision each disc golf will have to make.  

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