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Best Discraft Putter 2023

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Best Discraft Putter

Best Overall Discraft Putter

Best Discraft Putter

The best overall putter that Discraft makes is the Magnet. This putter stands out from all the putters Discraft makes, they even refer to it as their flagship putter.

It’s the go-to putter for many pros and recreational players and for good reason. The magnet is a good sized disc that will grab the chains. It has a narrow rim that fits great in most hands and makes the disc easy to grip.

This putter will fly really straight with some mild fade at the end of its flight. If you are looking for a great putter that’s made by Discraft, you can’t go wrong with the Magnet.

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Second Best Overall Discraft Putter

second Best Discraft Putter

The Runner-up to the best overall Discraft Putter is the Challenger. This disc is the top choice for many advanced and pro level players including three-time world champion Nate Doss.

It’s an overstable putter with a deep rim and a small beaded edge. It works great as a main putter but is also a great approach disc and can be used on short drives. If you are using the challenger you won’t have to worry about your long windy putts, this disc flights the wind with ease.

If you are passing on the Magnet consider the Challenger as your main putter or grab one for your approach shots and short drives. You won’t be disappointed.  

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Here are some other Discraft putters that I highly recommend:

Best Overstable

The best overstable Discraft putter is the Zone. The beefy Zone is very overstable and is a great choice when putting into a headwind.

It has a low profile with a think rim and will feel great in your hand. You can use it for more than windy approaches and drives, this disc works great for forehand throws and flick putts.

You can always trust this putter to hyzer for you. If you like overstable putters or want to pick up a great approach disc and a driving putting you need to grab the Discraft Zone.  

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Best Understable

The best understable Discraft putter is the Putt’r. This tall putter is slightly understable and works great for approach shots and putters.

If you need a putter that you can trust to turnover, the putt’r is a great option. Use it when putting with the wind at your back or if you need to put your putter on an anhyzer angle and putt around an obstacle.

So if you need an understable putter chose this excellent putter Discraft has designed. Pick up a Putt’r right now! 

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Best Discraft Putter For Driving

The best driving Discraft putter is the Roach. The Roach is a stable putter with tons of glide making it perfect for long straight approaches and driving off the tee.

It’s a beadless putter that will fill great in your hand. For a putter, it’s a true point and shoot disc. This disc is the perfect choice for a short drive into a tunnel.

So if you are looking for a stable putter that you can also use off the tee, grab the Discraft Roach. You won’t be sorry.

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If you are looking for more options on driving putters check out this article.

Image Credit Flickr Creative Commons –  Jonathan Fetterolf

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