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Best Innova Discs For Beginners

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Innova Discs is the largest disc golf manufacturer in the world and that’s for a good reason: They make quality discs. So if you are a disc golf beginner and you are looking for great discs for new players than Innova is a great place to start. I’ve searched the internet and done several hours of research to locate the best Innova discs for beginners.

You aren’t going to find any really fast or overstable discs on this list. The Innova Destroyer isn’t listed here. What you are going to find is slower, understable and easy to throw Innova plastic listed here.   

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Here are my picks for the best Innova discs for beginners:

  • Innova Valkyrie
  • Innova Leopard
  • Innova Stingray
  • Innova Aviar

Best Innova Distance Driver For Beginners

Innova Valkyrie – Speed: 9 Glide: 4 Turn: -2 Fade: 2

Innova Valkyrie

While distance drivers aren’t normally recommended for newer players, if you are a beginner to disc golf and still want a distance driver the Valkyrie is a great option. This disc has a lot of glide and will fly for days. It’s an understable disc which works great for players with lower arm speeds. As you progress through your disc golf game, this disc will work great for downwind shots and long turnover shots. So if you are a new player that wants a great distance driver, consider getting this disc.

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Best Innova Fairway Driver For Beginners

Innova Leopard – Speed: 6 Glide: 5 Turn: -2 Fade: 1

Innova Leopard

The Innova Leopard is a great starter fairway driver for a newer player. It’s so good at this that you’ll see it regularly sold in Innova starter disc sets. Its combination of high glide and understability made it easy to throw far for players with slower arm speeds. While the disc does make a great beginner disc, advanced players like it too. It works great for turnover drives and can even be used for rollers. Grab one for your bag and you won’t be disappointed.  

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Best Innova Midrange For Beginners

Innova Stingray – Speed: 4 Glide: 5 Turn: -3 Fade: 1

Best Innova Discs For Beginners

The stingray is an excellent option for a newer player looking for a mid-range disc. It’s an understable disc that has a lot of glide. This makes it an easy throwing disc that will glide for days. The stingray features a shallow rim which allows for a smooth consistent release which is great for beginners. It’s a good option for rollers and turnover shots too. If you are new to disc golf and looking for an excellent mid-range disc, consider the Innova Stingray.

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Best Innova Putter For Beginners

Innova Aviar – Speed: 2 Glide: 3 Turn: 0 Fade: 1

Best Innova Discs For Beginners

What to say about the Aviar? Innova tells us that this is their most popular mold and the number one disc in disc golf. It was my first putter and it’s still my go-to putter to this day. It works for approaching and putting and it’s even a good option for short drives. This disc flies really straight with just a touch of fade at the end of its flight. For newer players, the Innova Aviar is a great option for a putter but it’s really a disc that all players can benefit from and you should consider putting it in their bag. Get an Aviar today!

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My Assumptions About Beginners

When I made this list for beginning disc golf players, I made some assumptions about them. I assumed that beginners have a slower arm speed than the average disc golf player. I made the assumption that beginners are looking for more distance out of their throws. Also, I assumed that newer players are using a backhand technique when throwing and not a forehand technique.

So if you are using this list to decide on which Innova discs to go with, keep these assumptions in mind.

What Makes A Good Beginner Disc?

When making this list I was looking for discs that were understable and had a good amount of glide. This is important because newer players tend to have a slower arm speed and with this slower arm speed will get more distance out of an understable disc. The reason glide is important is because the higher the glide the longer the disc tends to stay in the air. Discs with high glide will remain in the air longer and tend to fly further.   

My Thoughts On Disc Weight For Beginner Drivers

For beginners, I would recommend a lighter weight for drivers and mid-range discs, especially when it comes to women and younger players. New disc golfers will be able to pick up a lower weight disc and throw it farther with less effort. Some exceptions to this recommendation might be more athletic individuals and people you have a lot of experience in a throwing sport, like baseball.

For discs, the range of 180g – 169g is considered max weight and beginners would definitely want to stay away from these weights.  New players might want to start at 160g or lower and for younger players 150 or lower.

My Thoughts On Great Innova Plastics For Beginners

When I recommend Innova plastic to newer players, I usually recommend star or Gstar plastics for discs they are going to throw. When I say throw, I mean mid-range discs, drivers or putters they plan on driving with. The star and Gstar plastics have a great grip, are easier to control but also stand up to the damage that throwing can cause.

For putters, I like the DX plastic. DX plastic has an even better grip than Star or GStar but isn’t as strong. DX is also a great economical option as it’s the cheapest plastic Innova provides. I would not recommend the champion plastic. While it is a great durable plastic, it’s harder to grip and champion discs tend to be more stable than other versions.

Final Thoughts

New players should definitely consider Innova when they are buying their first discs. They make great discs that players of all skill levels would be happy with. They have so many great discs and plastic options to choose from.

I hope my Best Innova Discs For Beginners list here has made it easy for you to pick your first disc if you are going with Innova. Pick any disc on this Best Innova Discs For Beginners list and you’ll have a great time out on the disc golf course.

Image Credit Flickr Creative Commons – Øyvind Sandåker

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