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Black Friday Disc Golf Deals

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Disc golf is a great way to get out and enjoy nature while spending time with friends and family. As usual, Disc Golf deals will last throughout Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday! Without a doubt, this will be the biggest Black Friday sale ever. According to NRF, during last year’s Black Friday, about 155 million Americans shopped, of which about 88 million shoppers made online purchases. You can also purchase your disc golf online. Various online stores have made this possible. Major disc golf companies have vamped up their production and have more inventory in stock than ever before. They are anxious to get rid of surplus inventory, even unloading some products at or below production cost. The moment has come to fill up on your favorite disc golf supplies, purchase something new, or finish your holiday shopping for loved ones. Check out these amazing Black Friday Deals gathered by Disc Golf Action!

Top Black Friday Disc Golf Deals

If you’re looking for some Black Friday disc golf deals, this article might help! Read on.

1. Black Friday Disc Golf Deals – Infinite Discs

Because there are so many brand-new, exciting Infinite Discs releases, this might be the busiest online buying day ever. On November 25, Black Friday, all Infinite Discs, including a sizable variety of misprints and X-outs, will be discounted. You can get three new releases this Black Friday: the Halo Pharaoh, Marauder, and Halo Tomb. 

You can click on this link: to check out their amazing Black Friday deals.

2.  Black Friday Disc Golf Deals – RPM Discs

They have many high-quality molds and produce some great plastic. Most discs from this brand will be on sale. They have a disc for every level of player, from amateur to expert. Base plastic, mid-grade plastic, and premium plastic are all available. 

They also have some of the most exquisite plastic you will ever see. 15% off the MSRP will apply to these discs. It is stable enough to withstand a full power throw. The price of these discs is about $9.59.

3. Black Friday Disc Golf Deals – Divergent Discs

Divergent Discs is a company that produces discs for novice and recreational players. Their discs offer some decent flights and are simple to use. They include discs that are suitable for both more experienced players as well as beginners. 

The Nuno and Kapre will be on sale for Black Friday weekend. These discs will be sold for 20% less than the manufacturer-recommended retail price (MSRP).

Look at the Kapre; it’s a fantastic straight-flying midrange. As this disc can handle almost any line you require, it can serve as the workhorse of your bag. Check out the Nuno, which is excellent for a throwing putter or your own putter.

The deal starts immediately and runs through Monday, November 29. The best time to buy your preferred Divergent Discs products is right now.

Divergent Discs sets make wonderful holiday presents because they are made with recreational players in mind. They also carry a wide variety of plastic discs, including UV color-shifting discs that change color when exposed to the sun!

Amazon Divergent Black Friday Deals

In addition to our direct website sales, you can get incredible savings on select products, but only if you use this link

Here are some disc golf discs you can get amazing deals on Amazon:

Divergent Discs | Kraken

You can get this disc for as low as $8.99 when you use this link

Divergent Discs | 5-Disc Beginner Disc Golf Starter Set

This set is available on Amazon for $29.99. Visit this link  o get this amazing deal now.

Divergent Discs | Minotaur

Thanks to the great Black Friday deals that are now available, you can get this disc for $8.99 when you visit this link  

Divergent Discs | 6 Disc MaxValue Nuno Putter Pack

The original price of the Divergent Discs 6 Disc MaxValue Nuno Putter Pack is $44.99, but due to the Black Friday deals, you can now get it for as low as $8.99 when you visit this link

Divergent Discs | 8-Disc Beginners Disc Golf Set with Starter Disc Golf Bag

You can get this fantastic set for as low as $29.99 on Amazon. Click here, Divergent Discs 8-Disc Beginners Disc Golf Set with Starter Disc Golf Bag, to access this Black Friday deal.

4. X-COM

They feature an excellent selection of discs for beginners. These discs make it simple for beginners to learn how to throw.

X-COM discs are all made of plastic, which helps keep costs down and accessible. The discs are now superior thanks to a new premium plastic that was just released. Durable plastic will be discounted by 25% during the Black Friday sale to $10.49 from its MSRP.

When utilized for hyzer-flips, turnover shots, or touch straight throws, the X-COM discs become more of a controllable understable disc for the more experienced player.

You can now get the Eden – Mid Range for as low as $15 and the Bennu – Putter for as low as $10.

Black Friday Disc Golf Deals

Black Friday Disc Golf Deals

5. Yikun

For a reasonable price, Yikun offers a superior product to the disc golf community. They offer discs for all skill levels and in a variety of polymers. ensuring you’ll discover a mold that works for you and your requirements. 

Unfortunately, they do not currently have a large enough collection of their molds to offer various golf discs. Yikun has a wide range of new 2022 disc releases for you to choose from, and they are all on sale this Black Friday. 

Yikun Black Friday Sale 

Things To Consider When Buying A Disc Golf Disc

Fairway drivers, midrange drivers, putter discs, and distance are the four main categories of golf discs. The distance the disc offers is what counts most to beginning disc golfers.

Although most shots may be made with any disc (some more effectively than others), discs are usually categorized by how quickly they “fly” or cut through the air.

Maximum Distance Drivers

Discs that can fly through the air at extremely high speeds are categorized as maximum distance or faraway drivers. When thrown with the proper force and technique, these discs have the ability to travel over 400 feet. 

When thrown improperly, the discs lose control and cause frustration. Drivers with a maximum range have thick rims (2.1 cm or more) and have a speed rating of 10 or above.

Control Drivers

Control drivers, also known as fairway drivers, are discs that don’t always fly as quickly as distance drivers may. In general, fairway drivers are easier to control, more stable, and have thinner rims. They can also fly straighter.

Putt & Approach

The slowest flying discs for disc golf are putters. Typically, they are manageable and won’t get out of hand. Putters generally always fly fairly straight in comparison to drivers. They are useful for approach shots that land close to the basket to create easy putts and for landing in the basket itself. 

You might want to think about throwing a putter if you’re searching for a disc that will fly straight without a significant end-of-flight fade.

Today, many of the discs categorized as “fairway drivers” were once power discs. The distance these older discs can go is less amazing as disc golf technology and innovation advance. Having said that, fairway drivers will typically perform better for novice disc golfers than maximum distance drivers.

Mid-range Discs 

Midrange Discs feature rounded, less aerodynamic edges and fly more slowly. Many midrange discs are older discs that were once considered distance drivers, like fairway drivers. 

Other Things To Consider


The diameter of the disc is measured from rim to rim. Golf discs typically range in size from 21 to 21.4 cm, with few notable exceptions.


The disc is this tall. In general, faster discs are shorter. Average driver heights range from 1.65 centimeters for distance, 1.77 centimeters for fairway, 1.97 centimeters for midrange, and 2.11 cm for a putter.

Rim Height

The area where you grab the rim is where it is measured. Although it’s not always the case, tall discs typically have higher rims. It depends on the plastic’s thickness and the degree of the disc’s actual external curve.

Rim Width

Commonly referred to as “Wing Length,” it measures the disc’s rim’s width. Wider rims are often found on faster discs. The PDGA restricts rim width to be no thicker than 2.5 centimeters. Knowing the rim width can be crucial for grip comfort.

Why Purchase From Black Friday Disc Golf Deals?

This coming black Friday sale is the best opportunity you have to stock up on all the disc golf products you want to get. 

The best part about the black Friday sale is that you can get some really good disc golf products for amazing prices, including that disc golf disc you have wanted for a while. Black Friday makes it available for you for amazing deals.

Having all your disc golf equipment will make you happy, which will put you in a better mood and help you play better.

Disc Golf Adds More Enjoyment To Your Life

Disc golf is a great way to get exercise, spend time with friends and family, or just have fun in nature. It’s also great to get out in the open air and enjoy the sunshine. You can play disc golf at parks or on private property that has been designated as such by local authorities. 

Check with your local public works department for details. The best part about playing disc golf is that it’s accessible most anywhere there are trees; you don’t even have to drive to get there.

Other Disc Golf Accessories For Sale

You can take advantage of this Black Friday Sale and get other disc golf accessories for yourself. The other disc golf accessories you could get include the following:

1. LOWIK Disc Golf Bag

Basically, the LOWIK disc golf bag is a cheaper version of the Dynamic Discs Trooper bag. To make the DD Trooper backpack more stable and practical, LOWIK essentially took it and added additional features. For intermediate and advanced disc golfers, it’s the ideal bag, but possibly a little roomy for newcomers.


Visit Amazon to see the LOWIK bag Black Friday Deals.

2. Disc Golf Cart

This is a simple one. Check out the ZUCA All Terrain Disc Golf Cart, one of the most well-liked disc golf carts ever produced, if you want a high-quality and dependable disc golf cart. The All Terrain cart can hold a ton of extras, including additional towels and an umbrella, and is designed to transport a lot of discs. It also offers a seat during those extended rounds. 

The Züca All Terrain Cart is also available in various color schemes to suit any preference. Visit Infinite Discs and take a look at the Black Friday deals for Züca All Terrain Cart.

3. Disc Golf Shoes

Looking for the best shoes for disc golf? You’re all set! One of the most well-known disc golf shoes is definitely the Adidas Terrex Swift R3 Gore-TEX hiking shoes.

The adaptable Adidas Terrex Swift R3 Gore-Tex hiking shoes are suitable for various activities, whether they take place on or off the course, in dry or wet conditions. They are breathable and waterproof. You can get them for an amazing deal this Black Friday on Infinite Disc.

4. Gloves

Get a 25% discount on friction gloves, the disc golf glove. Increase the length of your drives and keep a steady grip under all circumstances. Play all winter long in comfort. 

5. Disc Golf Retriever

A disc golf retriever makes a great present for every disc golfer. You should consider obtaining one if neither you nor your pals always carry one with you. It is a priceless gadget that can help if you accidentally throw your disc into the sea or get it lodged in a tree. 

Choosing a disc retriever with numerous heads and a telescope that extends to at least 12 feet in length is a good idea.

Infinite Discs has amazing Black Friday Disc Golf Deals for disc golf retrievers.

Check Out These Black Friday Disc Golf Deals & Shop!

Above are some of the top Black Friday Disc Golf Deals you can get this 2022. If you’re looking for something specific from the list above, head over to the links provided in each section and shop!

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