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Disc Golf Discs That Float

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I learned a valuable lesson a few years ago while playing a round of disc golf at my local course. If you play disc golf at any regularity this might be useful to you. The thing I learned the hard way was you just never know when you are going to need one of disc golf discs that float in water. Even on courses you may not think this kind of disc would be useful they can come in handy.

My local course doesn’t have any traditional water traps. There aren’t any lakes or ponds along the fairways or next to the putting greens. I’m not throwing my discs next to or across any streams or rivers. But I still found a way to sink my disc in some water.

It was a nice warm day with the sun shining and the course was mostly dry but there were still some damp areas. It had rained hard a few days before and some parts of the course where flooded. On the first hole, I stepped on the tee and selected my favorite driver and launched a hard drive through the wooded fairway. I lost sight of my disc as it passed over a hill and to my unbelieving ears I heard a splash.

As I came over the top of the hill I saw that the fairway had flooded. I knew my disc was somewhere in the water but I couldn’t see it because the water was murky and filled with leaves. After about thirty minutes or so of looking, I gave up. Using a stick in the water to try and locate the disc just wasn’t going to work.

So if you find yourself on a disc golf course with some water hopefully you’ll have one of the discs below. If you are as unlucky as I was and end up with your disc in the water at least you’ll be able to easily locate it and fish it out.    

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Drivers That Float

Innova Wahoo


This disc is the fastest floating disc in this list. It’s slightly understable with some good glide. It’s a great choice for a long shot over water.

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Innova Dragon


Here is another driver that floats by Innova. It’s not as fast as the Wahoo but still has a lot of glide and is fairly understable. This is the perfect disc for newer players that may be reluctant to throw over water. Check out our review on the Innova Dragon. 

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Millennium Aquarius


The Aquarius is a great distance driver that floats. Because of its understable flight and high glide, this disc is a great choice for beginners that need to throw over a water hazard. Keep one in your bag and don’t let those long shots of water scare you.

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Aquaflight Swift


The swift is another great understable driver. Reach for this disc anytime you need a controllable driver especially when your shot is near water. It’s a great disc for beginners and low arm speed players that find themselves near a water hazard.

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Aquaflight Osprey


If you are looking for an overstable distance driver that floats then Aquaflight’s Osprey is for you. This is a great disc for windy shots over water. It also great for overhand throws.

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Aquaflight Pelican


Aquaflight made a great controllable driver that floats. It’s a great disc for straight shots or for players with less power. The Pelican is the perfect choice for newer players that need a driver they are comfortable throwing around water.

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Lightning Slice

#1 Slice

The Slice is a great control driver made by Lightning. It’s inexpensive and easy to throw. It’s a great choice for newer players that might be reluctant to throw another disc near water.

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Midranges That Float

Aquaflight DragonFly


This disc is a great understable midrange disc that floats in water. You can trust this disc for a turnover shot near water. New players will enjoy this midrange disc because it’s easy to throw.   

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Putters That Float

Innova Hydra


The Innova putter that floats in water. You can use this for short drives or approach shots where the basket is close to water. A great overstable putter that you’ll feel comfortable using when going for a risky, potentially wet putt.

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Aquaflight Peace Frog

Peace Frog

Aquaflight has made a great stable putter that floats. This disc works well for both putting and approach shots. So if you are facing down a tough putt with a basket that is near water you’ll want to have a Peace Frog in your bag.

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If you still don’t believe me that these discs can float check out this video by Marshall Street Disc Golf. They take a lot of the discs mentioned in this article and test them in a hot tub.

Image Credit Flickr Creative Commons – Bjørn Bulthuis

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