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Innova Dragon Review

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The Dragon is a fairway driver made by Innova Champion discs. It doesn’t breathe fire like its name might suggest. In fact, it’s almost the opposite, it loves the water or at least it can float in it. That’s right, this understable disc can float! So you can trust it to fly over a water hazard and not sweat too much if it falls in. What Innova says about this disc: “The Innova Dragon is a lightweight driver with excellent glide for less powerful throwers who want to get more distance with less effort. Made with a special blend of plastic, the Dragon has great grip and will float in water. Dragons are only available between 150-160 grams.”

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Innova Dragon Review

The Dragon is an understable fairway driver with a speed rating of 8. If you have ever thrown a TL3, it has a similar size and shape to that disc. The Dragon fits right between the TL3 and Archangel when it comes to speed and flight.

When you throw this disc flat it’s going to turn right out of your hand (for a right-handed backhanded throw) and then fly straight before fading back. You can get some nice S-curves with the Dragon on a stable release. If you give it some hyzer, you’ll get a nice straight flight before it fades a bit at the end. I can even get it to turnover with an anayzler release. It’s also a great roller in the fairway.

Aside from being easy to throw, this disc has a ton glide. I like releasing it flat and watching it glide in that nice S-shape. With a 2 fade rating, it comes back just a bit at the end of its flight. The light DX plastic has a nice grip to it. When throwing the Dragon I never feel light I get a bad release because the disc never slips out of my hand.

I wouldn’t recommend this disc to an advanced disc golfer but if you are new to the sport, the dragon makes a great starter driver. With a slower arm speed, you’ll see the Dragon fly on a nice straight path with just a touch of fade. As you arm speed increases, you’ll see this disc turnover more and you’ll get that nice S-curve I was talking about.

It’s a lighter disc so beginners will likely see some added distance using the Dragon. It’s only available in lower weights. The Dragon is a great choice for tailwinds and when throwing downhill. It wouldn’t be my choice for a headwind because it will turnover too easily even when released on a hyzer.

So to sum up, the Dragon makes a great choice for a beginner driver. It’s easy to throw and if you are a player that sees a lot of water hazards you won’t have to worry if takes a dip. It’s a great option for nice turnovers and s-curves. With some wear, this disc makes a great roller too. This disc might not have a permanent place in your bag but if you are beginner looking for a driver you can’t go wrong with the Innova Dragon.

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