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Innova Heropack Review

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Innova Heropack Review

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The First Innova Backpack

The HeroPack is the first backpack style disc golf bag Innova released. If you aren’t familiar with Innova Champion discs, you really should get to know this great disc golf company. They make excellent discs, along with bags and other disc golf products.

Also, if you are a fan of modern disc golf, you should really be thanking Dave Dunipace, the founder of Innova. He started it all when the company released the Eagle, the first modern disc golf disc.

But enough about the disc golf history lesson, let’s get into the review.

Innova HeroPack Features

  • Holds up to 25 discs
  • Water resistance
  • Lightweight (only weights 4.5lbs)
  • Mini pocket that holds 2 to 3 minis
  • Top and boom putter pockets
  • Two Water bottle holders
  • Two larger storage compartments
  • Comfortable, adjustable shoulder straps  

If you have 20 to 25 discs you want to carry during a normal round of disc golf play, than this bag is the perfect option for you. It’s a backpack style bag that weighs less than 5 lbs (4.5 lbs to be exact) which makes it super easy to carry around during long rounds and it won’t break your back.

This bag is also a great fit for players that like to carry a lot of extra stuff with them while playing a round of disc golf. And by extra stuff, I mean non-disc items. It has two water bottle holders, one on each side of the bag.

There are also multiple storage compartments on each side of the bag. These are great for carrying snacks, keys, wallet, cell phone and any other items that you might need.

For further reading on great stuff to keep in your disc golf bag, check out this article.

As for as disc storage goes, most of the storage area is located at the middle of the bag. Multiple discs can be placed side by side and then zipped together, so you don’t need to worry about losing your discs if the bag happens to tip over.

The bag also includes two putter pockets, one on the top of the bag and one on the bottom. This is great if you like easily accessing your putter disc during play.

I can’t say enough nice things about this bag. It works great for beginners and advanced disc golfers. It holds up to 25 discs and is comfortable to carry and lightweight weight.

It packs in a lot of storage space both for all the disc it holds and any non-disc items you want to carry with you. Grab a heropack today and you won’t be disappointed!

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