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6 Tips For Better Disc Releases

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If you don’t already know, how you release the disc is pretty important. Your hand is the only interface you have with the disc and the release is the last point in which you have control over it.

In the time between when the disc is in your hand and then moving through the air independent of your body, lost of small things could happen to throw the disc off course.

If you are finding the disc isn’t flying as it should or you are very inconsistent with your lines, looking at how you are releasing the disc is a great place to start.

In this article, I’ll give you my 6 tips for better releases. Hopefully, after reading this post you’ll be releasing your disc like a pro.    

1. Get a Good Grip

How you grip your disc is the start to how you are going to release it. If you don’t have a nice firm grip on the disc this can create a lot of problems, like releasing the disc too early or late.

You want to hold on to the disc as long as possible during your reach back and pull throw in order to get the right power and distance. Want to throw farther? Check out this article.

Another thing having a good grip will ensure is your release point. Releasing the disc at the same location from your hand will lead to more accurately and consistently. Your grip is crucial for this.

2. Don’t Release Too Early

Releasing the disc too early will lead to the disc flying more stable or with more hyzer than intended.

If you are a right-handed player and notice the disc turn hard to the left, you might be releasing the disc too soon.

Another possibility for this happening is you are using a disc that doesn’t match your arm speed, but if you have ruled that out, you might be releasing too early.

Two common causes of this are rounding your shoulder when throwing and not having your hand on the outside of the disc.

I’d recommend having a friend watch you throw or film yourself to make sure this isn’t something you are doing.    

3. Prevent the Wobble

If the disc is wobbling when you release it out of your hand, this can cause it to fly less consistently.

In disc golf, the name of the game is consistency. It’s one of the main differences between professionals and amateurs. Playing at a high level all the time is the main requires a certain reliability.

The most common cause of disc wobble is turning your wrist and flicking the disc during your release. A lot of new players do this without even noticing it especially if they are using high-speed drivers.  

A good way to prevent this is to disc down. When learning proper throwing form stick to putters and midrange discs. For options on beginner friendly midrange discs check out this article.

4. Follow Through Correctly

To improve your release you want to make sure the direction you are following through matches your release angle.

So for instance, if you are throwing a hyzer you should be following through upward. If you are throwing an anhyzer, you would follow through downward.

If that is hard to visualize, let’s think about it in a different way. Think of your follow through as a line. You want this line to match the discs release angle.

So for a righthanded throwing backhand and released the disc on a hyzer, your arm will come across your body below your chest and as your arm is extended it should be above your shoulder.

If this is hard to follow, check out this great video.

5. Slow down Your Throw

If you are having issues with releasing the disc well, slowing down can help.

If you’ve tried everything I’ve suggested and are still seeing issues with your release, slowing down your drive to make sure you are executing it correctly is a great start.

Slowing down can also help you make sure your timing is on point. Whether you are releasing the disc too early or too late, taking it slow should help you improve your release and improve your timing.   

6. Throw Plastic You Know

Another tip to help with better releases and overall throwing consistency, is to use a disc you know really well.

In your bag, you want a group of discs you are familiar with and can trust. You’ll want a core group of discs, some players refer to them as their go-to discs.

Having these go-to discs that you know how they will react in wind and at different angles will give you more confidence and help you execute your throws more accurately.

I’d recommend having at least one go-to putter, midrange and driver mold you know really well. Once you get these down, then you can think about adding more discs to your bag.    

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