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Disc Golf Etiquette Tips Straight From The Pros

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Disc golf is a sport that combines the thrill of golf with the precision and skill of throwing discs. As with any sport, disc golf has its own set of rules and etiquette that players should follow to ensure a fair, safe, and enjoyable experience on the course. Whether you’re a seasoned disc golfer or new to the game, understanding and practicing proper etiquette is essential. In this article, we will delve into the world of disc golf etiquette and provide you with invaluable tips from the pros. Drawing on the wisdom and experiences of professional disc golfers, we will explore various aspects of etiquette, including respect for the course and environment, prioritizing safety, maintaining proper course etiquette, upholding sportsmanship and honesty, being mindful of distractions, and fostering communication and courtesy.

By adhering to these principles and incorporating them into your disc golf game, you not only enhance your own experience but also contribute to the overall growth and sportsmanship of the disc golf community. So, let’s dive in and discover the secrets of mastering disc golf etiquette with guidance from the pros!

1. Respect The Course & Environment

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a. Leave No Trace

Disc golf courses are often situated in natural settings, and it is crucial to respect and preserve the environment. As responsible disc golfers, we should leave no trace behind. This means carrying out any trash we generate and disposing of it in designated bins. Additionally, be mindful of the course’s flora and fauna, refraining from damaging trees, bushes, or any other vegetation. By leaving the course as we found it, we contribute to the overall beauty and sustainability of the environment.

b. Be Mindful Of Wildlife & Other Park Users

Disc golf courses often coexist with other park users, including wildlife. It is essential to show respect and consideration for both. Avoid disturbing animals or their habitats. Keep noise levels down and be mindful of their presence. Additionally, yield to pedestrians, cyclists, or any other individuals who are not playing disc golf. Let them pass before throwing to ensure their safety and maintain a harmonious experience for everyone.

c. Repair Divots & Footprints

During gameplay, divots and footprints can occur, particularly on tee pads and in high-traffic areas. It is good etiquette to repair any divots you create when teeing off and smooth out footprints in the teeing area or near the baskets. Using your foot or a provided tool, carefully restore the ground to its original state. This helps maintain the integrity of the course and ensures a level playing surface for all players.

d. Follow Course-Specific Guidelines

Each disc golf course may have specific guidelines or rules in place to protect the course and its surroundings. These guidelines can include restrictions on certain areas, special rules for sensitive terrain, or limitations on access during specific times. It is important to familiarize yourself with these guidelines and adhere to them accordingly. Respecting and following the course-specific guidelines demonstrates your commitment to being a responsible disc golfer.

2. Safety First

a. Wait For Players Ahead

Safety should always be a top priority in disc golf. It is important to exercise patience and wait for the group ahead to clear the fairway before throwing. Throwing while others are still within range can lead to accidents and injuries. By waiting for the path to be clear, we create a safer environment for everyone on the course.

b.. Yell “Fore” As A Warning

Sometimes, even with the utmost care, a disc might veer off course and pose a potential danger to others. In such situations, it is crucial to immediately shout “Fore” as a warning. This alert gives individuals time to react, take cover, or be aware of the incoming disc. By doing so, we prioritize the safety of others and demonstrate responsible play.

3. Proper Course Etiquette

a. Maintain A Reasonable Pace Of Play

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all players, it is essential to maintain a reasonable pace of play. This means being aware of the speed at which you and your group progress through the course. Take into consideration the number of players on the course and adjust your pace accordingly. If a group behind you is consistently waiting, it may be appropriate to allow them to play through. On the other hand, if you are catching up to the group in front, be respectful and patient. By maintaining an appropriate pace, we create a positive atmosphere for everyone.

b. Respect Tee Box Order

Tee box order is an integral part of the game and ensures fairness. The player with the best score on the previous hole usually tees off first, followed by the player with the second-best score, and so on. Respecting the tee box order promotes a smooth flow of play and allows each player their rightful turn. This tradition also helps maintain a friendly and competitive spirit throughout the round.

c. Be Quiet & Still During Throws

When a player is preparing and executing a throw, it is important to maintain silence and avoid any distractions. Any unnecessary movement or noise can disrupt a player’s concentration and potentially affect their performance. Show respect for fellow players by remaining quiet and still until the throw is complete. This practice creates an environment where everyone can focus and perform at their best.

4. Sportsmanship & Honesty

a. Call Penalties On Yourself

Sportsmanship and honesty are fundamental aspects of disc golf etiquette. If you commit a rule violation, whether stepping out of bounds or incurring a penalty stroke, it is important to acknowledge it and take the appropriate penalty. Honesty upholds the integrity of the game and ensures fair play for all participants. By taking responsibility for our actions, we set a positive example and contribute to a culture of sportsmanship on the course.

b. Offer Encouragement & Respect

Disc golf is not just about individual performance; it is also about building a supportive community. Offer words of encouragement to your fellow players, regardless of their skill level. Celebrate good shots and achievements, and provide constructive feedback when necessary. By fostering a positive and respectful atmosphere, we create a sense of camaraderie and motivate each other to excel.

5. Be Mindful Of Distractions

a. Limit Phone Usage

In the digital age, it can be tempting to constantly check our phones. However, excessive phone usage on the disc golf course can disrupt the flow of play and distract other players. It is advisable to limit phone usage to essential matters or designated breaks. By minimizing distractions, we maintain focus and create an environment conducive to an enjoyable disc golf experience.

b. Control Noise Levels

Disc golf is a sport that requires concentration and mental focus. Excessive noise, whether from conversations, music, or other sources, can disturb other players on the course. Be mindful of your volume and keep noise levels at a minimum. By creating a tranquil and focused environment, we enhance the overall experience for everyone involved.

6. Communication & Courtesy

a. Communicate With Fellow Players

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Clear communication is vital in disc golf. Whether it’s discussing the game plan, strategizing, or informing others about your intentions, effective communication ensures smoother gameplay. Keep your group informed about your throws, provide updates on your position, and communicate any necessary information that may affect the round. By fostering open and respectful communication, we enhance the collaborative aspect of disc golf.

b. Yielding & Courtesy On The Course

Disc golf courses can become crowded, especially during peak times. It is important to be courteous and yield to others when necessary. If a group behind you is playing faster, politely offer them the opportunity to play through. When encountering other players, wait for them to complete their throws before proceeding. Demonstrating courtesy and consideration towards others on the course promotes a positive atmosphere and helps build a strong disc golf community.

7. Care For The Equipment

a. Properly Handle Discs

disc golf discsDiscs are essential tools in disc golf, and it is important to handle them with care. Avoid throwing discs in frustration or mistreating them in any way. Treat your discs as valuable equipment and maintain their condition by keeping them clean and free from unnecessary damage. Taking care of your discs not only ensures their longevity but also shows respect for the sport and its equipment.

b. Repair Damage To The Course

Accidents can happen on the course, and sometimes damage may occur, such as broken branches or divots in the fairway. It is important to take responsibility for any damage caused during your round. Whenever possible, repair or report any damage you notice to the course authorities or maintenance staff. By taking the initiative to rectify any unintentional harm, we contribute to the well-being and upkeep of the course.

c. Respect Equipment & Course Property

Disc golf courses often have various equipment, such as tee pads, baskets, signage, and benches. Show respect for these course elements by using them as intended and not engaging in any activities that may damage or deface them. Avoid hanging on baskets, climbing or sitting on signage, or placing excessive weight on benches. Treating the equipment and course property with care demonstrates your appreciation for the facilities provided and helps maintain a professional and welcoming atmosphere on the course.

d. Return Lost Discs

If you come across a lost disc during your round, make an effort to return it to its rightful owner. Discs can be valuable to players, and losing one can be disheartening. Take a moment to check for contact information on the disc or inquire with other players on the course to determine the owner. By making an honest attempt to return lost discs, you exhibit sportsmanship and contribute to a positive and supportive disc golf community.

e. Maintain Personal Equipment

In addition to caring for the course and shared equipment, it is essential to maintain your personal disc golf equipment. Inspect your discs regularly for any signs of wear, such as cracks or warping, and replace them as needed. Keep your bag clean and organized, and ensure that your disc golf bag is suitable for protecting and transporting your discs safely. Regularly clean your discs to remove dirt and debris that can affect their flight characteristics. By maintaining your personal equipment, you can maximize your performance and prolong the lifespan of your discs.

Taking care of the equipment in disc golf is not only a matter of responsibility but also a reflection of your passion for the sport. By properly handling discs, repairing damage to the course, respecting equipment and course property, returning lost discs, and maintaining your personal equipment, you contribute to a positive and respectful disc golf experience for yourself and fellow players.

8. Etiquette In Competitive Play

a. Know The Rules & Regulations

When participating in competitive disc golf, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the rules and regulations specific to the event. Familiarize yourself with the tournament rules, format, and any additional guidelines. This knowledge helps ensure fair play, avoids unnecessary penalties, and promotes a level playing field for all participants.

b. Accepting Rulings & Resolving Disputes

In competitive play, there may be instances where rulings or disputes arise. It is crucial to approach these situations with a calm and respectful attitude. Accept the decisions made by tournament officials or designated authorities and avoid prolonged arguments or confrontations. Remember, maintaining a positive and sportsmanlike demeanor is essential in competitive disc golf.

9. Involve & Educate New Players

a. Welcome & Guide New Players

As experienced disc golfers, it is important to foster a welcoming environment for new players. Greet them warmly, offer guidance on course navigation and rules, and encourage their participation. By embracing newcomers and providing them with a positive introduction to the sport, we contribute to the growth and inclusivity of disc golf.

b. Teach Etiquette & Rules

Educating new players about disc golf etiquette and rules is crucial for the overall development of the sport. Take the opportunity to explain the importance of etiquette, safety measures, and fair play principles. By passing on this knowledge, we ensure that future generations of disc golfers adhere to the highest standards of conduct on the course.


Disc golf etiquette is an integral part of the sport, promoting respect, safety, and sportsmanship among players. By following the tips and advice from the pros, we can contribute to a positive and enjoyable experience on the course for ourselves and others. From respecting the environment and practicing safety measures to maintaining proper course etiquette and promoting sportsmanship, each aspect of disc golf etiquette enhances the overall integrity and camaraderie of the game. Let us strive to be exemplary disc golfers and ambassadors of the sport, inspiring others to embrace and uphold these essential principles.

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