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20 Disc Golf Game Variations You Should Be Playing

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While everyone here loves the game of discs golf, playing the same rounds over again can get a little boring. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of twenty disc golf game variations to help you spice up your normal play.

The next time you are on the course will your buddies try one of these disc golf game variations and enjoy the game you love in a brand new way.

disc golf game variations

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Bag Raid – This game is played just like stroke play except that the player with the lowest score on each hole is able to select an opponent’s disc. This disc is removed for the player’s bag. The player with the lowest score can also choose to return a disc to their bag if it was removed.

Barkie – In this game, disc golf is played as normal except each player can earn a point by hitting a tree. At the end for the round, the points that were earned by hitting trees are subtracted from the player’s score.

Bingo Bango Bongo – Each hole has 3 points. The player that throws the farthest off the tee is awarded a point (Bingo). The player that is closed to the basket on the second throw (BANGO). The first player to complete the hole (BONGO). After all players have thrown off the tee, the player furthest away from the basket throws next.

Bizzaro Golf – Every hole is played with a random set of rules. For instance, all players must use a putter, every player throws using their off hand, each player must use a forehand shot while driving or everyone switches bags. All holes can be decided before the round or on each hole a player can decide the rules.  

Disc Steal – All players start this game with the same number of discs. After each hole, the player or players with the best score gets to steal a disc from an opposing player. If a player has all their discs stolen, they are removed from the game.

Drink Up – The player that has the worst score on a hole must take a drink. Any player that hits a tree, lands in water or goes out of bounds must take a drink.

Hate ‘Em – At the beginning of the game, each player selects a number of holes. The number is predetermined by the players and on each hole selected the player that selected it gets a par for that hole.

Match Play – The lowest score for a hole wins a point. The player that finished the game with the most points wins the game. If a hole is tied, points aren’t pushed to the next hole.

Nomination – In this game, before each throw players decide on two discs they want to use. Their opponents then choose which disc of the two they are allowed to use. You could all more variation and by adding more discs. For instance, a player selects three discs from their bag and their opponent then selects which disc they can throw.

Piggyback – In this game, all players drive as normal. Once everyone has thrown from the tee, each player can decide to piggyback off another player. This means they can choose to throw from their lie. No player’s lie can be selected by another player more than once each hole.

Random Disc – At the beginning of each hole, each player selects a disc form their bag and places them in a pile. All players close their eyes and choose a disc from the pile. All players must throw from the tee using the disc they selected. An alternative to this would be that each player has to use the disc at least once before they complete the hole.

Ript Revenge – This game requires a deck of RIPT Revenge cards. All players begin the game with the same number of cards. After each hole, the player with the best score scores a point. All other players much draw a card and play the next hole according to the card’s requirements.

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Scratch Play – In this variation, points are given based on score. For a Bogey, players are given 0 points. For Par, one point is given. For Birdie, two points are earned.  If a player gets an eagle five points are given. When a player scores two consecutive bogeys they lose all points earned.

Shootout – In this game, the player that scores the worst on each hole is eliminated. The game can be played two ways. Either the player must receive the worst score outright to be removed or during ties a tie breaker must be used. To win the game you must be the last player left.

Sorry, Dude – Each player gets a number of cancels before the round is played. A player can use a cancel by saying sorry dude and the opponent player must re-do their throw.  

Safari – The player whose turn it is for honor gets to decide to play a hole from the regular tee or call safari. When declaring “safari”, they get to select a new tee to drive from. Honor can go to the player with the with the best or worst score or players can choose to alternate.

Skins – Before the round, all holes are assigned a skin. A skin can be a number of points or an amount of money. A skin is won by the player that has the best score on the hole. If a tie occurs, the skin is pushed to the next hole. For more information on this disc golf variation, check out our article here.

Throw ‘Em All – Players must throw every disc in their bag once before they are able to throw any again. Once they have thrown every disc they can throw each a second time and so on until the round is complete. A variation to this game would be to keep with the basic premise of throwing every disc in your bag before you are able to throw them a second time except when putting.

Worst Shot – After all players drive, the worst lie is chosen and all players must throw from this lie. An alternative to this game could be the best lie is selected and each player throws from this lie. To mix it up even more, each hole could alternate between the best and worst lies.

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Hope you like my list of 20 disc golf game variations you should be playing!

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