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13 Things You Should Consider Putting In Your Disc Golf Bag

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Have you ever been out on the disc golf course and really needed something but didn’t have it? Maybe you had to ask someone you were playing with for it or maybe you had to run to your car to grab it. Depending on how much you really needed that thing, you may have had to drive home to get it.

Hopefully, after reading this list you’ll be fully prepared the next time you are out on the course and you won’t need to run back to your car. With all the things you need already in your bag, you’ll have more time to play. You won’t feel rushed and you’ll definitely have more time to consider that next big shot you’ll have to take.

Let’s jump into the list:

1. Snacks

I always like to have something to snack on during a round. When I’m playing during the week it’s usually after a work day and I haven’t had something to eat since lunch. Having a snack in my bag keeps me prepared for when I get hungry. I won’t get that hunger headache that will disrupt my play. Also, my stomach won’t be growling when my friends are trying to putt.

The key to keeping snacks in your bag is having something small and nonperishable. Beef jerky and breakfast bars are my go-to snacks to keep in my bag. Sunflower seeds, Protein bars, peanut butter crackers, trail mix and dried fruit are all good options as well. If you are playing with others be sure to bring extra snacks to share.    

2. Bug Spray

If you are like me and seem to attract ticks, you are going to want to keep some bug spray in your bag. I used to keep bug spray in my car and spray myself down before a round but sometimes I would forget and go without it. After playing a few rounds without spray and getting all kinds of bug bites, I’ve switched to keeping the spray in my bag. If you don’t seem to have a problem with bugs, you may want to keep bug spray in your bag anyway because you never know when you’ll be wading in the tall grass or foraging through the woods to find a lost disc.

3. Disc Golf Retriever

This one may not seem like a necessity, especially if your regular course doesn’t have any water but I promise you, you won’t regret having it the next time your disc goes splash. Even if your regular course doesn’t have a pond it’s possible it could land in a flooded area after a strong rain. Also, you never know when your friends are going to suggest trying out a new course which could have some water. If you are worried about buying one saving two or three discs over your lifetime with this device will easily pay for the purchase and then some.

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Towels are great to have in your bag to prevent losing your grip on the disc. I usually keep two in my bag. One for drying off the disc when it gets wet and one for drying my hands off when they get sweaty. There are lots of specialized towels out there that are specially designed for disc golf and look more like bags than a normal towel you may be used to. These options are fine and should work great. But if you aren’t into buying one of these old dish towels are a great option too.

5. Water Bottle

It’s important to stay hydrated during a round of play especially in the hot months of summer. I have a bottle of water with me everytime I play and someone a backup in the car. When I first started playing disc golf I’d bring some bottled water but I’ve since switched to using a reusable water bottle. It’s more economical and it’s better for the environment.

6. Pencil/Marker

I have at least a pencil or a marker in my bag at all times but usually both. A pencil for keeping score on the scorecard. I use a marker for a couple of reason. One reason is to write my name on new discs or go over what I’ve written on old discs if they start to fade. Another reason I have a marker around is in case I get an ace. It’s customary to sign and date a basket when you ace it.

7. Scorecards

It’s always nice to have scorecards in the bag. It’s a convenient way to track your score and your friends’ score. I like to hold on to the cards so I can track my scores over time which shows me if I’m making progress. I play at multiple courses regularly and having access to the cards in my bag allows me to reference what I scored last time on a specific course so I know what to shot for. They also work from scratch paper and for taking notes.  

8. Mini Clipboard

Having a mini clipboard in the bag makes keeping score on a scorecard a breeze. I can keep my scorecards organized by clipping them to the board in a specific order. It also helps with keeping the pencil and scorecards together. In a pinch, I have used the clipboard as a placeholder for a disc.

9. First Aid Kit

If you play disc golf long enough you are going to get hurt while playing and having a first aid kit with you at all times is a great way to be prepared. I’m constantly hurting my hands and fingers while playing or getting cuts on my legs when I have to play form a lie in the woods. It’s also a good habit to check the first aid kit every couple months to make sure it’s fully stocked with band-aids and antiseptic.  

10. Mini

Having a Mini or Mini Disc Golf Marker in the bag makes it easy to mark your disc. You just pull your mini out of the bag, throw it down in front of your disc, toss your disc to the side or pick it back up and throw it. They also look really cool and are fun to collect. I keep multiple minis in my bag because they don’t take up that much space and I like to switch them up while playing.

11. Sunscreen

If you are like me and burn super easy in the sun having sunscreen in the bag is a must. You’ll want a brand that is designed for active wear and won’t be affected by your sweat. I like to get high SPF sunscreen but get the right sunscreen that works for you. I normally use sunscreen lotion when I have plenty of time beforehand to apply it but I keep some sunscreen spray in my bag because it’s quick and easy to use.

12. Baseball

This suggestion may seem a little odd but keeping a baseball in your bag will come in handy when you need to get a disc unstuck from a tree branch. I’ve been in many situations where my whole party had to stop play to throw rocks and branches up into a tree hoping to dislodge a disc from a tree branch. Having a baseball makes this process a lot easier. If you have a larger bag it doesn’t take up a log of room either.

13. Chapstick

Chapstick comes in handy when you are playing disc golf in the heat or cold. It keeps your lips protected during the summer months if you have SPF protection and it keeps them from chapping in the colder months. Keeping it the bag prevents me from having to put it in my pockets. I try to stay away from keeping chapstick in my pocket as it tends to make its way into the washer and dryer and ruin my clothes.

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