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How To Play Disc Golf

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Like traditional golf, disc golf is played with clubs and a ball. But instead of going for a hole, players throw discs toward a pole sticking out of the ground and into a basket at the top. It’s a good healthy exercise that anybody can do since learning it doesn’t take long, and anyone can join in on the fun. Disc golf aims to make it from the tee position to the basket without using more than three throws for each hole. Learn how to play disc golf by continuing to read.

Tips For Playing Disc Golf

The Best Disc Golf Discs for Beginners in 2023

The satisfaction of scoring a long putt and the disappointment of smacking a tree midway down the fairway are both present in disc golf. It takes roughly half the time of a round of golf but may be played for free in public parks. Learn the basics of disc golf with these helpful tips.

1. Playing Requirements 

You can play disc golf with only a disc. That settles it! Disc golf may be played almost wherever there is open space and a disc; a course does not need to be specifically constructed or built.

Discs are cheap depending upon the plastic quality and extras like printing or stamping. That’s enough to get four people started on a new hobby where they can play on over 10,000 courses, the vast majority of which cost nothing. These benefits make disc golf more than just a frisbee sport. You may find discs at any sporting goods shop or internet disc golf vendors.

Here are some recommended discs available for you to choose from:

2. Type Of Discs

Disc golf beginners may feel overwhelmed by the wide variety of discs available. It’s kind of like golf in that you have a bunch of clubs at your disposal, but you could only end up using a few of them. If you’re just starting with disc sports, you can simplify that list to each of the examples provided. 

Fairway Drivers 

Since they are designed to go shorter distances, fairway drivers have smaller rims and are more manageable for beginners. Even though fairway drivers can only go you so far, they’re perfect for shorter drives, smoother flights, tighter lines, and less end-over-end spin. Fairway drives are a solid option for both seasoned pros and beginners.

Distance Drivers

Distance drivers can cover the most ground. However, they need the highest possible velocity to maintain their designed flying characteristics. Distance drivers’ broader rims and sharper noses may not be ideal for players of lesser skill levels or slower swing speeds.


A putter aims to create a straighter and shorter line for the ball as it moves. Putting is the most accurate form of playing because putters spin the slowest. Using them will boost your shooting percentage and decrease the range of your shot. 


If you’re just starting, midranges are a fantastic option. Midranges tend to have more consistent flights and less deviance from their intended flight than fairway and distance drives do. The narrower, more universally-appealing rims of midranges have somewhat deeper inner rims than those of drivers. This is a great choice to get the ball close to the hole or through tight fairways.

3. Find A Spot To Play

The majority of parks close at night or shortly after sunset. That rules out public parks unless there is some kind of night disc golf tournament. Some organizations and leagues do use parks late at night for their games.

Once you’ve been playing for a while, you’re certain to run across other golfers. Here’s how to play disc golf with them, contact them and ask whether they own a home course. Or if they know of somebody who does. It’s safe to say this is your best option. 

If you don’t like the options above, you might begin building your course. The one catch is that you’ll need access to many acres of land. Making your course has the advantage that you may modify it to fit your specific needs. You’re free to dig as many holes as you want. And the greatest part is that you may use it anytime you want to! 

4. Look For A Friend To Play With

After deciding where to play, the next step is searching for a partner or teammates; you can find at least one or two friends to hang out with and have fun with. Knowing how to play disc golf with friends or family is a great experience because it is a fun activity that brings people together. 

A 9-hole disc golf course takes around an hour, and two to three hours are needed to play a whole 18-hole course. Time flies while you’re having a good time.

5. Master The Art Of Throwing

You shouldn’t expect too much of yourself on your first visit to the disc golf course, even though the sport is enjoyable and simple. The fundamental throws mirror the “throw and catch” approach; everyone thinks about throwing a disc and how to play disc golf.

It would be best if you mastered the fundamentals of disc golf throwing to increase your distance and accuracy from the tee by 30 to 100 meters. Watching how more seasoned players toss may teach you a lot.

The two most challenging aspects of knowing how to play disc golf for a beginner are achieving spin and speed while releasing the disc. It requires practice to perfect the timing and skill to make spin and speed equal distance. If a beginner begins with a disc in the middle of the weight spectrum, they can pick up the game more quickly than someone with a heavy, high-speed driver. 

Discover More About The Sport Of Disc Golf

The game is basic and quite comparable to golf. Just stick to the hole numbers on the course. To play, one must first toss the disc from the starting pad and continue playing from wherever the disc lands. The number of possible disc golf throws is almost infinite. One of the many appealing aspects of golf is the opportunity for individual expression that each shot provides.

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