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Halex Midrange

Halex Midrange Disc Golf Disc 1/5 (1)

The Halex Midrange is a 160 gram base plastic understable golf disc that has the same shape and flight as the Halex Driver. It really seems that the only thing different between the Driver and the Midrange is that the stamp printed on the Midrange says Midrange rather than Driver.

Like the Driver, this disc does not fly well if thrown for more than 100 feet. It likes to turn quickly and roll on the ground rather than fly through the air like normal disc golf discs. The Halex Midrange should only be recommended for children and beginners who don’t have much athleticism. The Halex Midrange is not PDGA approved, nor should it ever bee because there is no reason that any player would ever want to use this disc in a tournament.

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