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Innova Katana

Lime Green Katana No ratings yet.

The Katana is an amazing high speed distance driver with some major turn and fade. The Katana will slice through the air like a katana. This speed 13 driver comes equipped with an incredible high speed turn (3) which is followed by a major low speed fade (3). Innova says this disc has “flight characteristics of the Sidewinder on steroids.”  The Katana is certainly more than capable of handling anhyzer shots and sailing to the maximum distance. This is also a lot safer than an actual Katana sword.

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Innova Katana

Katana Quick Stats:

  • Disc Width: 21.2 cm
  • Disc Height: 1.8 cm
  • Interior Rim Height: 1.2 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.5 cm
  • Heaviest Allowed PDGA Approved Weight: 176.00 g

Flight Ratings, Stability, and Recommendations:

  • Speed: 13.0
  • Glide aloft: 5.0
  • High Speed Turn: -3.0
  • Low Speed Fade: 3.0
  • Primary Use: Distance Driver
  • Stability: Understable
  • Recommended Skill Level: Advanced, Intermediate
  • Plastic grade(s): Air Bubbles, Basic (Cheapest), Durable, Midgrade, Premium
  • No Bead

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