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Can You Play Disc Golf With A Regular Frisbee?

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Everyone knows what a frisbee is. We’ve all played with them as kids and even if you can’t think of where it’s at, you probably have at least one laying around somewhere at your place right now. If you are a disc golfer, you probably have multiple discs that you can use to tackle a disc golf course but have you ever consider just using one frisbee during a round instead? If you aren’t a disc golfer, you might not even know there is a difference. That’s the topic we’re going to consider today. Can You Play Disc Golf With A Regular Frisbee? The answer might surprise you.

Can You Play Disc Golf With A Regular Frisbee

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Can You Play Disc Golf With A Regular Frisbee?

Sure, you absolutely can play disc golf with a frisbee. You may not be as competitive as other players playing with discs designed specifically for disc golf but you can still play.

In fact, when disc golf was originally created, people used frisbees. They didn’t have the modern discs most players use today.

You could also technically use a frisbee to play in a tournament. If you have a PGDA approved frisbee, you could use it in a PGDA tournament. Check this one out on Amazon.

Again, you’d probably be at a disadvantage but you could still play in the tournament.

What’s The Difference Between A Disc And A Frisbee?

If we want to get technical about it, there isn’t a difference. A frisbee is just a type of disc. But since we’re really talking about a frisbee and a modern disc golf disc there are some differences we can a look at.


If someone were to hand you a disc and a frisbee and let you really look at both, one of the first things you’d notice was the difference in shape.

Frisbees are more rounded at the edge and have a longer lip that extends down to the bottom of the disc. Disc golf discs, by contrast, have a more aerodynamic shape where the edge of the disc comes to a point.

This will change a bit depending on the type of disc golf disc you are holding. Another difference in shape you would notice if you flip both discs over is the rim.

A regular frisbee has a small thin rim while a disc golf discs rim is much thicker. This is even more pronounced if you were holding a high-speed driver.


Something else you would notice pretty quickly if you held both types of discs is the difference in size. Disc golf discs are smaller, more compact and have a short diameter.

Frisbees, on the other hand, are usually made of thinner plastic and have a much larger diameter. You could easily fit a frisbee over the top of a disc golf disc and no one would know there was anything underneath it.


Now you wouldn’t notice this if you were just able to hold each disc in your hand, you’ll have to test throwing them first but a major difference is speed. Disc golf discs are far faster than frisbees.

As you move up from putter to high-speed driver, this becomes even more noticeable. Disc golf discs are designed to be more aerodynamic and produce less drag.

Frisbees aren’t really designed to be thrown far or to fly at high speeds. Their main purpose is to play catch with. So they fly slowly and tend to float in the air making them easier to grab.

Why Might You Use A Frisbee To Play Disc Golf Instead Of A Disc?

If you’ve played disc golf for a while and have only ever thrown a disc golf disc, you might not think there is any reason to play with a frisbee.

Honestly, I’ve only ever seen people playing with frisbees once at a disc golf course. But the truth is there are plenty of reasons to try disc golf with a frisbee.

Beginner Wanting To Try Out Disc Golf

The first reason is if you are new to the sport and want to try out the game of disc golf for the first time.

If you don’t have friends that play or you don’t want to drop a few bucks on a set of discs, you can try the game for free if you have a frisbee laying around.

All you’ll need to do is find a place to play. If you are an experienced disc golfer and want to introduce a friend to disc golf this might also be a great route for you.

If you both use regular frisbees, the score is more likely to be tighter. So if you have an overly competitive friend that you want to play with, consider this method.

Improve Your Skills And Challenge Yourself

If you are looking for a fun challenge when playing disc golf, using a regular frisbee instead of your normal disc golf discs is a great way to do this.

Disc golf discs were created for a reason. They are specifically desgined to do well out on the disc golf course. A regular frisbee, not so much.

They won’t fly as far and they are far less accurate. Attempting a round with just a frisbee will push your skills to the limit. If you don’t believe me, give it a try.

Take A Trip Back In Time

If you want to attempt disc golf in the way it was originally played, using a frisbee will get you close to that.

When disc golf was invited, the modern disc golf didn’t exist. Players used frisbees instead. That’s right, no specialized discs. There were no putters, midranges or drivers.

Players used one disc for each type of shot and that was the frisbee. If you are interested in turning the clock back and playing the game you love, take a frisbee with you the next time you hit the disc golf course.

Tips For Playing Disc Golf With A Frisbee

If you are interested in trying a disc golf round with a regular frisbee I’ve put together some tips that will hopefully make your round go better.

Just remember, if you are used to playing with discs designed for disc golf than this is going to be a new experience.

As long as you keep these tips in mind, you should have a nice, fun round. Enjoy!

Don’t Worry About Other People

For most disc golf courses, playing with a frisbee might be a little odd. Honestly, I’ve only ever seen one person other than me attempt it.

If you care about what other people will think of you while you play, your round isn’t going to be as fun as it should.

Just try and block that out. After all, at a certain distance, most people aren’t going to be able to notice the difference in your discs anyway.

Slow Down Your Drive

Disc golf drivers are able to handle the high speeds placed on them. In fact, they are designed to fly at specific high speeds. This isn’t the case with a frisbee.

If you try to throw a frisbee hard it’s almost guaranteed to turn over on you. So, unless the hole calls for the disc to true hard out of your hand, dial it back.

Account For The Extra Glide

Frisbees are designed to play catch with. They seem to float in the air with ease making them easy to catch.

While this is great for an open field, when playing disc golf in a wooded course with plenty of obstacles in your way, this is less than ideal.

You need to account for the added glide when you plan your shot. If you miss your line, is there going to be trouble if your disc floats on past the target? You might want to take a safer shot instead.

Adjust For The Lack Of Accuracy

This tip kind of goes along with the pervious one but if you want to keep your score down, you’ll need to consider the lack of accuracy you’ll be able to achieve with a frisbee.

Disc golf discs are desgined to fly specific ways at specific speeds. You can even choose a different stability of disc if the shot requires it. This isn’t the case with a frisbee.

The frisbee will fly the way it wants to fly. When deciding your line, you’ll need to consider the lack of options you have because disc selection isn’t available to you.

Account For The Wind

Wind will have a big effect on how the frisbee will fly. In the air, your flying frisbee is going to be taken where ever the wind is going.

If you were using disc golf discs, you could just pull out an overstable disc with a lot of fade. By using just a frisbee, you don’t have this privilege.

You’ll want to keep the disc down and try not to release it with any angle so the wind doesn’t get under it and push it too far one way.

You may want to choose a course that has more trees which should help with keeping the wind at bay.

Hyzer Is Your Friend

When playing with a frisbee, hyzer is awesome. If you throw your disc flat at a high speed, it’s going to turn over.

So unless that’s the shot you need for the hole you are facing, adding hyzer to your throw should give you a more predictable, straighter flight.

This is similar to throwing an understandable disc on a hyzer angle to get it fly straight. The hyzer flip as they call it.

Final Thoughts

I hope I was able to answer all your questions about playing disc golf with a frisbee. If you are thinking about trying it, I urge you to give it a shot.

If you play with my tips in mind, you’ll sure to have a great time playing the game how it was originally played.

Don’t waste any more time. Grab a frisbee and head to your local disc golf course.

Flickr Image Creative Commons – Jason Baker

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