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What The Heck Is A Turbo Putt?

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Basically, you hold the disc at shoulder level like you might hold a pizza. This putt is similar to throwing a football, in that you are tossing the disc forward while adding spin to it.

If done right, the disc should travel forward toward the target. The spin on the disc will be just like a forehand throw and as the disc slows down it will fade to the right (for a right-handed player).

If you are having trouble visualizing the putt, check out this video.

How To Throw A Turbo Putt?

Turbo Putt










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Turbo Putting is a lot different than any other style of putting. Whether you are a dominant spin, push or otherwise putter, those mechanics you’ve learned and honed aren’t going to carry over much with trying the turbo.

Here I’ll take you step by step through how the average turbo putter will throw.

  • Staring out the putt, you going to get your body into a similar position to throwing a baseball overhand or throwing a dart.
  • To be more specific, you’re going to assume a split stance. If you are a right-handed player, your right foot will be before your left.
  • To hold the disc, you’ll take your thumb and place it under the disc at the center. Your other four fingers will go along the rim and support the disc.
  • Like a waiter holding a tray at their shoulder, you’ll setup the putt by bringing the disc above your shoulder.
  • To throw the disc, you’ll push the disc forward like you would throw a baseball overhanded while simultaneously spinning your wrist counterclockwise (for a right-handed thrower).

Turbo Putting Tips

Remember you are throwing down at the basket.

Normally, when you are tackling a putt you’ll want to keep the disc flat and throw the disc straight at the basket or possibly slightly upward.

For a turbo putt, you’ll need to change this thinking and keep in mind that you are putting downward.

If you try to throw the disc level and flat, you’ll likely miss the target.

Don’t try to spin the disc too much.

A lot of players that are just starting out learning to turbo putt try to spin the disc instead of pushing it.

While you do want some spin on the disc, trying to add too much can be counterproductive.

Another way to think about it might be to try to add spin by pushing your arm forward and having the disc spin off your hand instead of adding spin by turning your wrist.

Keep in mind that the disc is spinning the opposite way.

When using the putting putt, the disc will fade the opposite direction. So, for a right-handed player, the disc will fade to the right instead of the left.

This can be very important when you are trying to hit those long putts and you must consider the discs fade when aiming.

You can change the angle of the disc.

We’ve already discussed that the disc will spin the opposite way similar to throwing a forehand vs. a backhand.

You also have the option for adding hyzer or anhyzer to the putt if the situation calls for it.

To change the angle of the disc, move the location the disc torches your fingers that hold the outside of the rim. By moving the edge of the disc up or down, diffent release angles can be achieved.

Why Might You Use A Turbo Putt?

This putting style might seem unorthodox.

Unless you are watching Johne McCray play, you may never see a professional use it.

With all the said, there are still some reason to learn and use the turbo putt.

Reason 1:

The number one reason to use the turbo putt is that it fits your play style. If you like the turbo, use it.

If you’ve found success with this putting style, keep that success going. If you are confident in your turbo abilities, use that confidence to win rounds.

Reason 2:

A great advantage to the turbo putt is the height of the release point. This makes throwing over an obstacle very easy.

If you find yourself on the putting green and you need to putt over something, the turbo putt is an easy choice. This is the main reason for any disc golfer to know this putting style.  

Reason 3:

While you are always able to straddle around an object when putting, another option would be to use the turbo putt.  

Instead of beginning the putt near your shoulder, you could move your hand away from your body in order to putt around an obstacle.

Reason 4:

Another reason to learn to turbo put would be if you are unable to straddle. Some players may have limited flexibility or past injuries that make straddling around an object impossible.

Others may experience some discomfort or fear causing an injury while trying to stretch out with their legs. In both cases, using a turbo putt could be the answer.

Reason 5:

If there was ever a situation that the turbo putt was designed for it would be putting from a bush.

If you play on a course where there are bushes surrounding the greens and you consistently find you discs being collected by them, you may want to consider mastering the turbo putt.

No other putting style will allow you to extend your arm over at bushe’s branches and give you a clear shot at the basket.

Reason 6:

The final reason to consider learning to turbo is it’s a lot of fun. Like I said before, there really isn’t anything else like it in disc golf.

You’ll have a great time learning and practicing this putt. You may even attract some attention while on the course.

Remember I talked about McCray before? Check out this video of him hitting this awesome turbo putt:

Flicker Image Creative Commons – Ben Clark

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